April Lundy

Manager of Technology & Business Services

, Savage Brands

Houston Chapter

April Lundy is a force for good. At Savage Brands, she learned the power of purpose, first as a client and then as an employee. Her connection to Savage’s purpose led her to discover her own. And if you ask her about her purpose word, be prepared to hear a tale from a master storyteller.

As the Manager of Technology & Business Services at Savage Brands, she combines her expertise in IT management with a keen understanding of business strategies to drive innovation and efficiency for Savage Brands and its clients. Known as Savage’s biggest cheerleader, she is also the voice behind the company’s culture-building efforts and social media presence, connecting her fellow Savages and the world to the company’s unique brand and purpose.

As a community volunteer, April has served in different capacities on the American Marketing Association (AMA) Houston Board of Directors for many years, leading her to win Volunteer of the Year at AMA. As an Instructor at the Academy for Lifelong Learning at Lone Star Community College, April has extended her diverse experience and knowledge to others. By sharing her passion for purpose and community, she hopes to bring people together, weaving the threads of their stories into her own.

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