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​Higher Purpose

LAZ Parking was founded by three childhood friends who have committed to a mission to “Create Opportunities for Our Employees and Value for Our Clients,” and is something they are still very passionate about to this day, three decades later. See their full history here. They are moved by the Conscious Capitalism mission to elevate humanity through business, and are committed as a company to helping others and making a difference in people’s lives. This movement reflects what LAZ Parking has been embracing for years, but knowing that there are other successful and thoughtful businesses and leaders out there who share a people-focused philosophy is extremely encouraging. They are always conscious in finding ways to enhance and continue living up to “The LAZ Way” by aligning themselves with like-minded, caring people.

Conscious Leadership & Culture

  • The inspiration stems from the top. LAZ Parking was founded as a conscious company, and we are very passionate about spreading the mission throughout the whole organization by setting the example.
  • Our mission is to create opportunities for our employees and value for our clients. Putting our employees first in that statement was intentional. We are, above all, a people-first business. The LAZU 101 program was created to give opportunities to our employees and provide tools and resources to lead in “The LAZ Way.”
  • We are proud of our RAVE practice (Recognizing Acts of Values and Excellence). Catching team members in the act of living our values speaks volumes. We don’t believe in “Employee of the Month,” but instead catching people doing things well and celebrating that moment.
  • Make It Authentic. We believe in showing that we care about others, for the environment, and that we consciously do the right thing.
  • We are committed to creating a healthy and positive work culture from the beginning, and promote these initiatives and encourage wellness both inside and outside the workplace.

Alan B. Lazowski

Chairman, CEO and Founder

Jeffrey N. Karp

President and Founder

Stakeholder Orientation