With more than 85 locations throughout Oklahoma and Texas, First United is one of the largest, well-capitalized banking organizations in the Southwest with assets of more than $10 billion. First United provides a full range of financial services including banking, mortgage, insurance, and investment products and services. 

First United’s purpose is to inspire and empower others to Spend Life Wisely. We believe that in order to Spend Life Wisely, we must have a balance of faith, financial well-being, health and wellness, and personal growth. Our goal with Spend Life Wisely is to share information and resources that educates, empowers, and inspires each person to live their highest purpose, to realize their fullest potential, and to reach their greatest success.


​Higher Purpose

Our website www.firstunitedbank.com is a resource created to inspire and empower our stakeholders. Within this site, our stakeholders can engage in a variety of articles, tools, and resources related to all four Spend Life Wisely pillars:

Conscious Leadership & Culture

Doing the right thing has always been the backbone of our business practices at First United. Our Values and Stakeholder Model emphasizes our commitment to the success of all five of our stakeholder groups: our customers, employees, shareholders, partners, and communities. The principles expressed originate from our belief that doing business with First United should be a winning situation for everyone involved.


Greg Massey

Chief Executive Officer


Mark Dawson

Executive Vice President
CEO Mortgage & Chief Financial Services Officer


Timothy Schneider

Executive Vice President
Chief Operating Officer


Melissa Perrin

Executive Vice President
Chief Culture and Communications Officer


George Clark

Executive Vice President
Chief Financial Officer


Saqib Kheiri

Executive Vice President
Chief Risk Officer

Stakeholder Orientation