Mikel Bruce

Mikel has over 25 years of sales and marketing experience and is the founder and CEO of TinyFrog Technologies. TinyFrog is a San Diego-based web technology, design, development and hosting agency that was founded in 2003. Mikel has a passion for conscious capitalism and has built his company and his team by incorporating conscious practices into his business. The four tenants of Conscious Capitalism perfectly align with the mission and vision of TinyFrog Technologies and the entire team strives to treat each other, their clients and all stake holders with respect and compassion while offering the highest service.

When he is not working Mikel enjoys throwing pottery, practicing yoga, hiking, meditating and spending time with his dogs and his wife (not necessarily in that order). This combination allows him to understand the design and technological attributes that help convey the cultural nuances and thus accurately portray the intent and feeling of Conscious Capitalism San Diego. Mikel and his company provide the technical and design infrastructure to support Conscious Capitalism San Diego