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Conscious Conversation: Embrace your Inner Misfit for the Greater Good


Join the Conscious Capitalism Colorado chapter as Ariana Friedlander guides us through thought provoking conversation.

Business has traditionally been seen as having one sole purpose, to make money. With the rise of social entrepreneurship and Conscious Capitalism we are seeing a shift in the paradigm.  Yet, businesses for the greater good are still not the norm. Going against the grain has never been easy, which is why it is important to embrace your inner misfit entrepreneur. Doing so enables you to be discerning as you figure out how to marry serving a purpose and living your values with having a thriving business.

Conscious Conversation: Business On Purpose


Join us for a discussion with Curt Bear, an experienced entrepreneur who has started multiple conscious businesses including Bear’s Backyard Grill and LoCo Think Tank. Come and participate in a great dialogue!

Conscious Capitalism San Diego – Conscious Contracts and Covenants: Maintaining Your Conscious Vision…Even After You’re Gone


How do you create a conscious culture when your company’s structural documents are unconscious?

You start by creating conscious documents that ensure transparency, comprehension, engagement, relationships and durability. Conventional legal, operational and contract documents generate structures that exert pressure on companies to disregard their conscious values and goals in pursuit of profitability or shareholder ROI. Many conscious companies find themselves relying on visionary leaders to hold the line in the face of systemic pressure. But what happens to the company when those leaders leave?

Conscious documents can harness the power of the legal system to resist this pressure. They create structures and systems that enable us to stay in the driver’s seat and honor our core values and vision. Instead of building (and then fighting) a corporate system that defaults toward unconsciousness, we can create a company that is, in and of itself, a conscious entity.

This workshop shows how to use Enlightened Negotiation to create corporate operational documents and contracts that will establish enduring systems and structures that support and sustain conscious values and intentions, even when visionary founders have moved on.

Linda Alvarez loves to help business people and their lawyers take control over how the legal system impacts their visionary companies’ values and missions. Her Discovering Agreement approach empowers companies to operate in alignment with their core principles and values without sacrificing power or credibility.