Higher Purpose

Elevating humanity through business

Conscious Capitalism Northern Nevada – Higher Purpose: The New Competitive Advantage


This workshop is designed for business owners, leaders, and individuals who want to stand out in a noisy world. Purpose gives people and businesses a competitive edge. And, this edge not only feels good and sounds cool, it fosters positive outcomes for people AND business.

Business outcomes include:
– Increased profitability
– Improved employer brand – your ability to attract (and keep) rock star employees
– Greater customer loyalty

Personal outcomes include:
– Better quality of life
– Improved performance
– Higher quality motivation

You’ll walk away with:
– An understanding of higher purpose and how it’s different from your vision, values, and goals
– Ways to identify and communicate your higher purpose (for you, your team, or your business)
– Uses for higher purpose (other than putting it on a plaque)

What’s the investment?
2-hour of time and energy and $50 (save $10 if you register by May 31st at midnight).