Conscious Capitalism, Inc. developed The Speaker Connection to help members of our community spread the word about how to elevate humanity through business.

The Speaker Referral Form gives our global network of Conscious Capitalists opportunities to share their stories and experiences through referrals to business leaders and professionals so that they too can work to elevate humanity through business. The Speaker Request Form provides the opportunity to connect with Conscious Capitalists who are excited to share their stories about how they are elevating humanity through business on stage and at a variety of events.

Please Note: We do not screen speakers or speaking events in any way – that responsibility lies with the organizations and the speakers themselves. We are simply facilitating a connection, not recommending specific speakers/events. Users are responsible for vetting these speakers and experiences themselves.

How does The Speaker Connection work?

What makes a speaker a Conscious Capitalist?

Can I refer myself?

​Does Conscious Capitalism, Inc. guarantee the speakers/events in any way?

How do I request a Conscious Capitalist speaker for my event?

​Is there a deadline for requesting a speaker?

My event is pretty small. Is that okay?

What should I pay my speaker?