​The Speaker Connection was developed to help members of our community spread the word about how to elevate humanity through business. The Speaker Connection serves Conscious Capitalist speakers hoping to make a positive impact sharing their personal experiences. It also serves community members in our global network who are interested in sharing Conscious Capitalism principles and concepts with their event audiences.

Speaker Referrals

The Speaker Referral Form is designed to collect information about potential Conscious Capitalist speakers. You can refer another speaker or yourself. Once you have completed the form, a profile is created in our system. This profile will be matched against incoming speaking requests from organizations looking for speakers for their events. If there is a match, we will send your profile to the organization, giving them the opportunity to discuss with you the speaking opportunity in more detail.

Speaker Requests

The Speaker Request Form is designed to collect information from community members in our global network about a future event, conference, gathering, etc. where those organizations would like to feature a Conscious Capitalist speaker. You will need to provide the details of your event: the type of speaker you would like to invite, the date of the event, etc. When there is a speaker profile that matches your criteria, we will send you the profile, giving you the opportunity to make a connection.

If you have any questions – please check out our Speaker Connection FAQ.

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