The Great Lakes Bay Region  Chapter is committed to connect and support local businesses/organizations within our community by providing opportunities to share beneficial business practices whether the business/organization are small, medium, or large.

  • The GLBR Chapter is committed to support Conscious Capitalism, Inc.  principles of the four tenets as a guide to enhance business and our communities.
  • The GLBR Chapter businesses and organizations are free to support their stakeholders according to their own unique purpose. Any possible collective efforts as a chapter would be in direct support for basic needs in our community such as food, shelter, or extending job training skills to enhance economic growth, truly elevating humanity through business. 
  • As the GLBR Chapter, we do not wish to impose partisan messages, activism, and social theories in order to maintain diversity in the workplace and freedom of belief for all individuals.

We believe that:

  • No distinct group or theory is more important than the individual and the purpose of the company/organization.
  • In justice for all. Issues regarding justice are complex and require relationship building within our communities.
  • Our businesses/organizations, to the best of our ability, have and will work to move forward in the spirit of love, care, and respect for all.

The GLBR Chapter is committed to support CCI principles of the four tenets as a guide.

Here is a breakdown of the four tenets of CCI briefly encompassed.

  1. Higher Purpose:
  • Discover and/or develop the organization’s purpose and reason for existence.
  1. Stakeholder Orientation:
  • Develop Win-Win-Win relationships – the integration of the shareholders, employees, clients, vendors, and the  community to carry out the purpose of the organization.
  1. Conscious Leaders:
  • Develop and nurture key leaders who embody the values and purpose of the firm. 
  1. Conscious Culture:
  • Develop a safe environment which allows employees to learn, grow and develop in serving all stakeholders.  

 Conscious Capitalism, Inc., Other Chapters, and Allies

  • Some of the events/offerings from CCI, various chapters, and/or allies may not reflect the efforts of the GLBR Chapter. 

We are committed to diversity and operating under the principles of the four tenets.