Naomi Patterson

Chapter Services Manager

Naomi Patterson’s career started in 501(c)3 museum collections, exhibitions, and operations. She has over 10 years of proven success in museums and private collection management. In sync with her M.B.A., she pivoted into the profit sector and joined the nation’s largest and most comprehensive fine art service provider followed by a world class organization supporting work-life balance to help drive performance and innovation. She has a proven track record in driving growth, developing relationships, project management, and launching strategic initiatives. 

Naomi believes that the low consciousness of free-enterprise capitalism deserves a new narrative, and CCI is doing just that along with our global chapters that represent the intrinsic goodness and virtue of so many entrepreneurs that are driving the most successful global leaders. With Conscious Capitalism always at heart, she is extremely excited to join the CCI team.  

When Naomi is not busy trying to learn something new she enjoys watching movies, exploring adventurous culinary experiences, connecting with family and friends, and enjoying all the fun adventures nature offers.