Clark Ruper

Chief Operations Officer

The discovery of Conscious Capitalism was an “ah ha!” moment in Clark’s professional and personal life. He had always been a fan of entrepreneurship and self-empowerment, but saw that capitalism needed additional institutional and community mechanisms to reach its full potential to elevate humanity. He believes that Conscious Capitalism has the power to do just that.

Clark studied History and Philosophy at the University of Michigan with an emphasis on the impact of intellectual and social movements on American history. He originally intended to teach High School history but got sidetracked on a career in community organizing and organizational leadership.

Clark has worked in organizational growth and development for 12 years with a strong track record of success. In his previous role as Director of Development for the Atlas Network the organization raised $38 million in his three years, compared to $29 million the three years prior.

He grew up outside Detroit, spent ten years on the East Coast, then moved to Chicago (arguably the greatest city in the world), and recently returned home with his wife Greta to be part of Detroit’s renaissance. Passions outside of work include trail running, fishing, football, and yoga.

Email : clark dot ruper @ consciouscapitalism . org