Abby Schwalb

Senior Leader Programs Director

Across the globe, humanity faces a host of challenges that can seem daunting to confront. The potential that exists in the business community for brave solutions to these challenges is palpable. Through business, we have the ability to alleviate poverty, create equity and justice, support health and well being for all and so much more. As the Conscious Capitalist community grows, so will the positive impact we’ll see due to the efforts of dedicated conscious business leaders around the world.

Abby holds a B.A. from West Chester University. Her professional background includes nonprofit volunteer and program coordination, project administration for a top pharmaceutical consulting company, and medical residency education program management. A one time entrepreneur, Abby and her business partner secured two patents for their unique packaging technology, “The Friend End”. Balm Chicky Balm Balm was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank season 6 and although they didn’t get ‘a deal’, their product has been sold at a variety of well known retailers. Abby now focuses primarily on in person events and virtual convenings where she can bring together change makers to live out her higher purpose: To catapult bold and brave visions that reimagine and build a just, healthy, and thriving world.

Abby is passionate about volunteerism and community involvement. She works closely with the Portland-based grassroots group Free Hot Soup which provides food and life saving supplies to people living on the streets. As a freelance event producer, Abby launched and led a semi-annual fundraising event called FINDpdx benefiting a local nonprofit providing support services to survivors of domestic violence, supports the Feast food festival which contributes funds to Hunger Free America and Urban Gleaners and contributes to the Bloody Mary Fest providing funds to the Oregon Food Bank. In her free time, Abby and her partner get into the great outdoors of her now home state of Oregon as often as possible to explore and forage for mycological forest delicacies and she has a rather fervent weaving hobby that has overtaken a large portion of both her time and living room (follow her work and foraging adventures on IG @sotrueandco).