We all have a story. 

The one that brought us here. To this place of servant leadership, in support of a higher purpose of an organization focused on all of its stakeholders, building a culture that matters. 

But how do you tell it? And most importantly how do you tell it in a way that encourages other business leaders to adapt the same philosophy with their business practices? How do you inspire your team to espouse the same values? How do you share your journey of leadership, growth, and learning? 

The Conscious Capitalism Storyteller Program, designed in partnership with Corey Blake, Founder and CEO of Roundtable Companies and Publisher of Conscious Capitalism Press, features an online workshop on how to build your story in order for it fit in a 15 minute presentation or bite sized chunk that can be shared at conferences and speaking engagements of all sizes. 

The Conscious Capitalism Storyteller Program is open to all members of the community who practice this philosophy and want to share their story. 

It's your story and we can't wait to hear it. 

What is the Conscious Capitalism Storyteller Program?

The Storyteller Program features an online workshop that includes:

  • 2 videos (35 minutes and 10 minutes) that will walk you through the building blocks of how to build your story and how to assemble the components into a concise and compelling framework that utilizes the language of Conscious Capitalism
  • Worksheets that will aide you in pulling your story together into a presentation 
  • Opportunities to share and spread your story to the global Conscious Capitalism community and beyond 

This program was created in partnership with Corey Blake, Founder and CEO of Roundtable Companies (RTC). The purpose of RTC is is to tell the story behind yours. In addition to leading RTC, Corey is the Publisher of Conscious Capitalism Press. He delivers keynotes, facilitates workshops, leads storytelling hours, and emcees events. Corey has been featured on the cover of the Wall Street Journal as well as in the New York Times, USA Today, Inc. Magazine, Forbes, Wired, and Barron's.

Who can be a part of the program?

The program is global and open to all Conscious Capitalists who want to spend time writing and developing their personal Conscious Capitalist story. 

While this program is currently offered in English, we expect to release 2020 versions in additional languages.

How do I sign up?

Using the button below, register for the program and you will receive a link to create an account on our online learning platform where you'll have access to videos with guided exercises and worksheets. 

What happens with the stories? 

With permission from the storyteller we will be sharing the stories to inspire and educate other business leaders as they start or continue on their journey as a Conscious Capitalist. 

Is there a cost to the program? 

There is no cost to the program.