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Practicum Descriptions in Speaker Order

Find Your Angle – on Creativity, Marketing, and PR

Miki Agrawal Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer , THINX

How can we challenge the taboos and conventions that hold us back in our work?  In this practicum, retail industry trailblazer Miki Agrawal offers three key insights on how to stand out in the noisy advertising and digital world. Miki will also offer three key strategies for breaking business taboos, changing culture and helping to break the “status quo” boring-ness of current marketing strategies.





How Brands Create and Lead Purpose-driven Movements To Positively Shape Culture.

Stacy Anderson Lead Strategist & Writer, We First!

How are purpose-driven movements made? How do brands instigate impact within and beyond company boundaries? What motivates and inspires crowd, cause-led action?

In today’s socioeconomic climate, cultural norms are being questioned and media platforms are being leveraged as opportunities to lead new narratives that pave the way for better social and environmental impact. Brands are tackling tough issues and transforming their role from commercialist to activist in ways that champion ‘we’ over ‘me’.

Through a review of the latest best practices and case studies, the session will equip brand leaders to understand the tangible value and structure of leading a purpose-led movement. The session will present three movement-making strategies – (1) addressing cultural stereotypes, (2) challenging industry norms, (3) creating communities – as well as the keys to success.

Finally, the session will include a working tool-sheet with questions and prompts to inspire participants to identify what issue or opportunity their brand is ideally suited to address and how they could instigate a purpose-led movement.

Integrating the Conscious Behavior Imperative Performance Management Program

Noel Boyland Advisory Lead, LRN
Nick Petschek Advisory Lead, LRN

With company culture taking a front seat in how companies differentiate themselves both internally with their employees and externally with clients, suppliers and the communities where they do business, organizations can no longer ignore the “behavioral externality” (Higher Purpose and Conscious Culture) that is quickly finding its place next to, if not in front of, business strategy. Internalizing this externality is paramount as a company’s conscious values and behaviors become their “North Star”.   This requires companies to retool themselves from the inside out, reconfiguring their systems and processes to propel them Northward. One pivotal process is performance management.

Traditional performance management programs focus on shorter-term financial results and/or the accomplishment of discrete tasks/projects.  While these are not unimportant, this new shift means companies must also measure HOW they are accomplished. This discussion will take you through the new performance management program—from rethinking the overall purpose of the program, to defining (development) goals, to implementation tips to create a more dynamic, holistic, and human performance management program.

Get Real with Mandy Cabot

Mandy Cabot Co-founder and CEO, Dansko
Susan Adams Senior Editor, Forbes

Get Real With… is a practicum track full of deep dive conversations with conscious business and thought leaders answering questions you always wanted to know but haven’t been able to ask. Come hear stories not only about their rise to success but about what happens down in the trenches applying the principles of Conscious Capitalism when faced with challenging situations and tough choices and the hard and important lessons learned in the process.

Conscious Supply Chains: Ensuring Conflict-Free, Harmonious, and Ethical Supply Chain Relationships

Rosemary Coates President, Blue Silk Consulting
Sarah Rathke, Esq. Partner, Squire Patton Boggs (US) LLP

Today, the supply chain has an established place in the C-suite, and with good reason.  Companies’ key supply chain relationships involve hundreds of millions of dollars in business.  Supply chains today, however, are more global and leaner, which means that they are increasingly stretched, brittle, and thin.  Therefore, supply chain contract disputes are more likely to erupt, and when they do, much more is at stake than ever before.  This session will discuss the common characteristics of high stakes supply chain disputes.  We will discuss how to see high stakes disputes coming, how to mitigate them in real time, and how to manage them when they do result in litigation.  We will discuss the practical aspects of dealing with contentious supply chain relationships from both an operational and a legal standpoint, and will discuss how corporate attorneys and executives can limit their legal spend and achieve the best outcomes.

The Dynamic Tension Between Power and Vulnerability: Leading Today’s Conscious Culture

Lori Darley Founder & CEO, Conscious Leaders, LLC
Corey Blake Co-founder & CEO, Round Table Companies

As leaders, we rely on our clarity and strength of conviction to motivate others. We also promote consciousness which implies some level of vulnerability. What happens when we go overboard with power? The natural human tendency is to soften and swing over to our more vulnerable side. What happens when we exert too much vulnerability? Our human tendency is to swing back over to power. Most of us find ourselves unconsciously swinging back and forth between the two as though on a pendulum. And yet, because power and vulnerability both possess positive and negative attributes, we are actually swinging around an infinity loop (like a sideways figure 8).

Power can be inspiring. Power can be intoxicating. Power can be sexy. But power, to the exclusion of vulnerability, can be command and control. It can be toxic. It can repel. Vulnerability can be inspiring as well. Vulnerability can be intoxicating. Vulnerability can be sexy. But vulnerability, to the exclusion of power, can be limp. It can be overly needy. And it can repel as well.

Our goal in this practicum is to invite participants to explore a virtuous cycle between power and vulnerability, where they can experience the upside of each, with little to no downside. By mapping the polarity loop between power and vulnerability on the floor (in a large grid) during the session, we will lead participants to explore their natural tendencies in real world situations, find epiphany in what is counter intuitive through the model, and then explore brass-tack approaches to leading from both power and vulnerability so that a virtuous cycle becomes the likely outcome.

Our work with polarities is based on the research and tools created by Barry Johnson as a means for exploring the tension of “both/and.” As facilitators, we bring a wide range of approaches to the model in our work with conscious leaders and believe we are ideally suited to translate the lessons of polarity work into a leader’s everyday practice.

How to Locate Yourself in Every New Moment and Why it’s the Key to Conscious Leadership

Jim Dethmer Co-Founder, Conscious Leadership Group

Conscious leaders know that paying attention to context (how we’re being with an issue) is as important as content (what the issue is about). In this highly interactive and experiential session we will develop the skill of locating ourselves as either “Above the Line” (leading from presence and non-reactivity) or “Below the Line” (triggered, reactive and fear-based).

Participants will grow in self-awareness as they apply their learnings to a real life issue they are currently facing. They will experience that trying to resolve content without fully identifying context leads to issues not being fully resolved.





Greyston Bakery Team presents: 

Open Hiring™ – An Operational Imperative

Dion Drew Supervisor & Trainer, Greyston Bakery
Jonathan J. Halperin Head of External Affairs, Greyston Bakery
Mike Brady President & CEO, Greyston Bakery

We will share the proven and creatively disruptive Greyston approach to corporate responsibility, sustainability and social justice. Framed by the keynote presentation, this session will focus on helping participants understand how to pilot Open Hiring™ and generate an internal organizational constituency for innovation across the tripe bottom line – with a focus on social/human capital.

Pitfalls on the Path to Purpose

Jackie Dryden Chief Purpose Architect, Savage Brands

As Purpose Architect at Savage Brands, Jackie has seen it all. Her experience has led her to pinpoint some of the common pitfalls that inhibit organizations from unlocking the full power/potential of purpose to transform their organizations and the lives they touch. Not all organizations were founded with clearly articulated purpose and though uncovering an organization’s purpose can be powerfully unifying, for most, what comes next tends to be exciting and challenging in equal measure. 

Both through Savage’s journey and Jackie’s experience guiding others on their paths towards more purposeful business practice, she has developed a series of tools designed to inspire others to embrace an organization’s belief, engage others in helping reach shared goals and create cultures that embody organizational values.


Roberta Lang

Student Business Plan Competition Finalist Pitches

JUDGE Meghan French Dunbar Co-founder, Conscious Company Magazine
JUDGE Jeff Cherry Founder and Executive Director, Conscious Venture Lab
JUDGE Roberta Lang Board of Directors, Conscious Capitalism, Inc. and Whole Planet Foundation

Conscious Capitalism, Inc. is hosting its first Student Business Plan Competition will be to promote awareness of Conscious Capitalism and more broadly purpose-driven approaches to business to young people, as well as support the most innovative ideas developed by students from around the country to elevate humanity through business. The Student Business Plan Finalist Pitches competition is open to all attendees of CC2017 who want to hear from and be inspired by the next generation.

Four teams will pitch their conscious business ideas to our judges in the hopes of receiving support to turn their ideas into reality. Judges for this business plan competition are esteemed members of the Conscious Capitalism community from a variety of industries and locations. After each pitch, judges will provide feedback to the teams. At the end of the session, the judges will decide which team is the winner, receiving $25,000 worth of prizes.To learn more, submit an entry yourself, or refer students to submit, please visit ConsciousCapitalism.org/business-plan-competition.

Get Real With Chuck Fowler

Chuck Fowler Retired CEO, Fairmount Santrol
Roberta Baskin Executive Director, AIM2Flourish

Come hear Ohio-based business leader and philanthropist Chuck Fowler and acclaimed investigative journalist now AIM2Flourish Executive Director Roberta Baskin have a “Get Real” conversation. They’ll talk about Chuck’s lessons learned as retired chief executive officer of mineral production firm Fairmount Santrol, and his invitation for business leaders to join him in “Do Good, Do Well” leadership.

You’ll hear about Fairmount Santrol’s journey as a leading corporate citizen for sustainable development, environmental stewardship and operational safety. Chuck and Roberta will also talk about Chuck’s higher education support for the Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit at Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management, and how his championship created AIM2Flourish.com — a UN-supported global platform of Business for Good innovation stories and the world’s first and only higher education curriculum for the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. AIM2Flourish inspires the world’s next business leaders to achieve the Global Goals by 2030.

Leading Well from Within: A Neuroscience and
Mindfulness-Based Framework for Conscious Leadership

Daniel Friedland, MD Founder & CEO, SuperSmartHealth

Conscious Leaders are self-aware, present, resilient, authentic, compassionate, courageous, decisive and achievement oriented. They lead with greater wisdom and a creative mindset, resulting in improved communication and collaboration, and inspiring trust and influence. Conscious leaders create healthier, energized, and actively engaged cultures that drive greater business performance and thriving enterprises.

What threatens Conscious Leadership is unmanaged stress. Stress activates your survival brain, preventing conscious awareness, empathy and innovation, causing fight and flight or fear-based reactions and qualities associated with low-performance leadership. The threat of stress prevents leaders from thinking clearly, fully connecting with and inspiring others, and may lead to a culture of disengagement and burnout.

These low and high performance states are highly dynamic. We may flip between them in a single day. In this practicum Dr. Danny will show you the science of how you can switch your brain from low performance reactive states to high performance conscious leadership states within moments. Through story, reflective questioning and experiential learning, you’ll develop greater resilience to not just effectively manage stress but leverage it to engage a high performance Conscious Leadership mindset enabling you to make an even bigger difference in the lives of those who you serve.

The Ownership Culture: How to Build a Culture of Employee Engagement and Empowerment

Dan Golden President and Chief Search Artist, Be Found Online

Companies that empower employees create a sense of ownership and a culture that encourages employees to engage with each other and with clients in a more meaningful way. In this environment, employees view themselves as stakeholders leading to more strategic thinking, a greater focus on positive outcomes, and a consistent effort to increase value, business results and revenue.

This session is not about how to set up an ESOP program. Rather, we will focus on how to implement an approach that encourages your entire team to live and breath “We don’t just work here”. We call this the Ownership Culture.

In this session, participants will have an opportunity to identify ways to drive employee engagement in their own businesses as we review and discuss success stories including how this approach can overcome challenges and improve results during “hard times.” Attendees will leave this session with tools, ideas and processes to begin a transformation to an employee ownership culture.

Journey to Conscious Capitalism

Timothy Henry Managing Partner, Arete Management

Bring together your team and join Timothy Henry -Conscious Capitalism board member, seasoned business leadership consultant and creator of this highly acclaimed workshop – for a consolidated Journey to Conscious Capitalism session. Typically a 2-day workshop, Timothy will highlight the essentials while moving towards a practical action plan for specific priorities that integrate into your upcoming business goals. Attending without a team? Not to worry, you’ll go back to the office on Monday ready to share how to better operate your business within the four pillars of Conscious Capitalism.




Transform Workplace Culture with Gratitude and Employee Recognition

Andrew Horn Founder and CEO, Tribute

This session will start by introducing compelling research on gratitude and its ability to transform psychological well-being in and out of the workplace. Andrew will also share some of the simple gratitude meditations, and communication techniques that top flight leaders are adopting to be happier and more effective.

Next, Andrew will showcase the important role that employee recognition plays in accelerating employee engagement. The session will lay out tangible strategies that you and your employees can use to share your appreciation more consistently, host better meetings and celebrate work anniversaries in style (hint: it doesn’t involve a plaque). Andrew will also highlight innovative, often free technologies that are available to leaders who want to connect their employees in meaningful ways.

Attendees will leave feeling alive, energized and ready to share. Best of all, they will leave with tangible strategies that they can put to work the second they leave the room.

Voice of Consciousness: Getting Your Business to 10k views per Month on YouTube and Why You Would Want to

Tim Levy CEO, Tim Levy & Associates

How do we, as the businesses of Conscious Capitalism, get our message out into the world? How can we grow our business and support the movement at the same time? Right now, YouTube is the land of opportunity with more than 4 billion videos watched each day. More of your potential B2B and B2C customers are looking for answers on YouTube than on the next 12 search engines combined. Most companies understand that business is moving online more and more each day. They build web sites but struggle to achieve significant results, even when they attempt search engine optimization (SEO) and social media.

You could be driving traffic to your website today with the fastest growing and most highly engaging content in the world – video.

John Mackey

Get Real with…

John Mackey Co-Founder and CEO, Whole Foods Market
Kip Tindell Co-Founder and Chairman, The Container Store
Tom Gardner Co-Founder and CEO, The Motley Fool

Get Real With… is a practicum track full of deep dive conversations with conscious business and thought leaders answering questions you always wanted to know but haven’t been able to ask. Come hear Tom Gardner lead John Mackey and Kip Tindell in a conversation about not only their rise to success but about what happens down in the trenches applying the principles of Conscious Capitalism when faced with challenging situations and tough choices and the hard and important lessons learned in the process.

How to Drive Revenue AND Emotional Engagement

Lisa Earle McLeod President, McLeod & More, Inc.
Elizabeth McLeod Vice President, McLeod & More, Inc.

We tend to think about competitive differentiation and emotional engagement as two separate initiatives. But they both spring from the same source. In this interactive program you’ll learn how to name and claim a customer-driven Noble Purpose for your organization, and how to leverage that purpose for greater competition differentiation and improved emotional engagement. The McLeod’s have helped their clients achieve double digit revenue growth and become destination employers. Find out how their clients won big deals, improved margins, and did good in the world at the same time.

This session is for CEO’s, Chief Revenue Officers, and leaders who want to drive revenue growth and employee engagement.





Conscious Contracts: How to Use Your Legal Documents to Strengthen Stakeholder Relationships

Glenn Meier Shareholder, Holley Driggs Walch

Strong and sustainable stakeholder relationships are a key part of any conscious business.  One of the biggest threats to any relationship is conflict, and in the business arena conflict typically centers on legal disputes.  Sadly, when a business relationship gets to the point of a legal dispute, it is often beyond repair.  This practicum will demonstrate how to use existing tools in the legal system to address conflict in a way that supports rather than destroys the relationship.

This practicum session will support leaders in designing, building, and maintaining strong relationships with stakeholders through a unique approach to one of the most fundamental areas where law and business meet – contracts.

Participants will experience the power of addressing conflict through reference to shared values and through a progressive series of exercises will experience how values based contracting can provide the tools to create resilient stakeholder relationships that survive difficult times.

Elevating and Maximizing Your Interactions through Enlightened Negotiation®

Mehrad Nazari PhD, MBA, Founder of Enlightened Negotiation®

Enlightened Negotiation® is the practical application of a consciousness approach to any negotiation in your everyday business and personal life.

In this interactive session you will be using real-life examples to enable you to discover the problem in your common negotiations and provides you with practical tools to find the solutions immediately. It guides you to tap into the natural desire of the human spirit to connect, communicate, and co-create solutions that move all parties forward.

The essential link between the Conscious Capitalism philosophy and implementation of it in any organization is conscious negotiation.

In this engaging and fun workshop you will learn three of the Laws of Enlightened Negotiation®: Strength, Flexibility and Trust. Through these laws you will be empowered to to capitalize on your inner wisdom in any interaction and negotiation by establishing trust, cultivating creativity and maximizing value for all stakeholders, so you leave with specific actions you can take when you return to work and be a servant leader.

Driven to Develop: Unlocking Conscious Leadership

David O’Hara President, Improving

We would all like to be the Zen leader that imparts wisdom in every interaction we have with our people. Most leaders struggle to find time to invest in themselves, let alone in their people. Here’s how to do both by bringing others along for the journey. Conscious leadership is not just about self-reflection and growth but an opportunity to grow others around you while learning from their perspectives. In this practicum, we will teach you how to leverage the investment in high potentials that is not only beneficial but a requirement to have a healthy and sustainable organization.

This is a program we developed that not only invests in the future but puts the frameworks and mindsets used to build the company itself in the hands of those who will carry it forward one day. Come hear about the ins-and-outs of how we did it, some of our stories and learnings along the way as well as the framework we used so that you can start building your own program.


Morning Yoga

Jenn Perell Certified Yoga Instructor

Join us for an all levels vinyasa flow yoga class. An opportunity to come together in community and move our bodies with a mindful somatic practice. This is the perfect way to clear your mind, enliven your system and get a jump start on your days at Conscious Capitalism 2017.






How to Build a Great Place to Work® FOR ALL

Kim Peters Executive Vice President, Great Place to Work®
Andres Traslavina Director of Global Recruiting, Whole Foods Market

In this session, Kim Peters, EVP of Great Place to Work® will share how Great Place to Work’s Certification Program leverages 30 years of research with best companies to help leaders deliver on this goal. Attendees will get a special, inside peek at the incredible results Whole Foods Market, a Great Place to Work-Certified company, has seen from their culture initiatives, plus some of their most successful best practices. Participants will also have the chance to do a quick assessment of their workplace culture and see how they stack up.

Learning Objectives:

  • 3 main points crucial to building a Great Place to Work For All
  • How the Certification Program will help you get there
  • Step-by-step of the certification process and what you get

For decades, Great Place to Work has worked with leading companies from around the world to identify and build high-trust, high-performance workplace cultures. The company also produces the prestigious Best Workplaces Lists published by Fortune.

Play Like a Savage!

Grab a drink and PLAY with us! Savage Brands has created a unique and exhilarating experience to help you uncover what you stand for in the world. Through art, puzzles, imaginative dialogue, and a dose of healthy competition, we will journey into three different styles of play—individual, partner, and group play—to approach values and purpose with childlike wonder and see what epiphanies emerge.

If you enjoy letting loose and having fun, don’t miss this opportunity to PLAY with your fellow Conscious Capitalists!

Essentials of Conscious Capitalism

Raj Sisodia Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of Conscious Capitalism, Inc.

Capitalism has been extraordinarily successful over the past two centuries at raising living standards, life expectancy and life satisfaction. But the old way is not working any more. The world has changed so much and people have evolved so rapidly that we need to bring a higher level of consciousness to the world of business. Conscious Capitalism is an emerging paradigm that realigns business to the emerging realities of our world and the evolving value systems of people worldwide. Conscious businesses deliver extraordinary financial performance while creating multiple kinds of positive value for all stakeholders: financial, intellectual, physical, ecological, social, cultural, emotional and even spiritual. This session provides an overview of the tenets of Conscious Capitalism and evidence for its multifaceted success.



The Art of Un-Compromise: Growing without Diluting Your Principles

Katlin Smith Founder and CEO, Simple Mills

Every purpose-driven company faces pressure to compromise its vision to drive growth. The problem is that every concession undermines the original mission, gradually watering it down until the company becomes just another business interested only in the bottom line. In this highly interactive session, you will learn techniques for staying the course, declining unacceptable requests for change without alienating employees and investors, and avoiding the ‘death by 1,000 cuts’ scenario that will undo all of your efforts to build a company that makes a difference.

Trust Like a Leader

Brian Wellinghoff Partner, Barry-Wehmiller Leadership Institute
Rich Diviney Director, Barry-Wehmiller Leadership Institute

For organizations to thrive in an environment that is increasingly globalized, faster, and more uncertain, complex, and ambiguous, they must build trust.  High performing teams innovate, adapt, and conquer the unknown.  They accomplish what other teams find impossible through encouraging, building and nurturing trust.  These teams have reduced turnover, higher engagement, greater innovation, and increased fulfillment.  While inspiration gets people to take the first step and follow in the calm, trust gets people to climb the hill and brave the storm.  Building this trust resides in simple learned behaviors that when understood and practiced, create greater trust and resulting accelerated performance.



Pivot to Power: 3 Steps to be Your Best Self

Mark Youngblood Founder & CEO, Inner Mastery, Inc.

Emotional Intelligence is key to Conscious Leadership. Most people want to be their best selves, but the emotional reactions that result from daily pressures, conflicts, and challenges make it a difficult goal to achieve. In this fun and engaging workshop, I provide a new understanding of the role of emotions and highlight the consequences of avoiding negative emotions.  We will then work through a powerful three-step process for transforming emotional reactions and Pivoting To Power to be the leader and person you aspire to be.

This talk is interactive from the beginning to the end. I involve the participants in exploring key points, and create mini-breakouts for people to reflect and explore insights together. Participants will work through the 3-Step Max the Moment process that enables the Pivot to Power, using a real-life example from their own experience. The insights and tools gained through this workshop will be immediately relevant in their personal lives and and help elevate their conscious leadership.

Creating a High-Trust Culture

Paul Zak Author, Trust Factor

This practicum is designed to facilitate peer interaction and learning by exploring how to apply the science of social interaction as described by the practicum facilitator. We will focus on developing methodologies for the rollout of one or more culture-improving changes at attendees’ businesses. The focus will be on identifying pain-points, measuring culture components, identifying the components to change, communicating the change and the reason for it widely, implementing the change and measuring if it reduced the issue the leadership was trying to affect. Participants will be asked to describe to the group how they would do this at their businesses so they leave with specific actions they can take when they return to work, and so that others can learn from them.