Social Media Coordinator

Social Media Coordinator



Conscious Capitalism’s purpose is to elevate humanity through business.  To do so requires the steadfast commitment of conscious business leaders who aspire to create a world in which capitalism is both practiced and perceived as a force for good. Conscious Capitalism International (CCI) is the nonprofit organization dedicated to providing business leaders with the critical insight and motivation to realize such a world.


A key factor in advancing the Conscious Capitalism movement is growing our network of supporters on relevant social media platforms, primarily LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.  We are seeking a highly proficient social media practitioner to assist the organization with the following activities:

·       Daily postings to CCI’s social network pages, both organic and curated content

·       Daily engagement with inquiries received via CCI’s social networks

·       Frequent “Live” postings from CCI events

·       Curating and posting photo galleries from CCI events

·       Monthly reporting on key metrics

·       Ongoing development and execution of a social media growth strategies

·       Coordination with CCI functional teams for paid social advertisements


We are seeking proposals based on $1000-1500/month retainer, covering strategy development and tactical implementation of an ongoing social media growth program.


The right freelance contractor will already be a believer in Conscious Capitalism principles – preferably already demonstrating them in practice.  The contractor will also clearly articulate both a clear competency in the above noted digital marketing disciplines and an ability to deliver meaningful results.  2-3 verifiable case studies are required. Experience with WordPress is highly preferred.

Please submit proposals in one PDF document to
Questions & Requests

1.     What is your higher purpose for being in business?

2.     What are some of your greatest successes with social media marketing?

3.     Which reporting metrics and KPIs do you think best indicate the success of a social media program?

4.     Please provide 2-3 brief client case studies for similar scopes and/or organizations?

5.     Based on provided retainer and scope detail, what would you anticipate being your general approach to developing a prioritized strategy for our social media program?

6.     What do you require from us to ensure a successful partnership?