We're building a network of Senior Leaders to support our global Conscious Capitalism movement.

About the Senior Leader Network

The Conscious Capitalism movement has been and will continue to be built by leaders committed to advancing the world through their businesses. The Senior Leader Network serves as an engine to build our movement and a pathway to deepen our existing connections to practicing Conscious Capitalism.

Value Created by the Network

  • Creating a global community of conscious leaders that support each other
  • A directory of network members to facilitate collaboration between conscious leaders
  • A mechanism to identify and bring new Conscious Capitalists into the movement.
  • Documenting and sharing lessons on how to implement Conscious Capitalism
  • Collecting stories of impact, insights, and inspiration to share with the world
  • Features of the Network

    Conscious Leadership Mastermind Groups

    Small groups of Senior Leaders that meet regularly to offer values aligned support for one another along your conscious leadership journey.

    Braintrust Calls

    An “in the moment” invitation for an Network member to bring a question or challenge to a small group for insights and guidance from a Conscious Capitalist leaders’ perspective.

    Deep Dive Sessions

    Small groups participate in discussions with keynote speakers around the topics shared at public Virtual Gatherings. 


    Hands on, tactical small group sessions to support learning a framework, model or process that can be implemented into someone’s business right away.

    In-person event discounts 

    Attend In-Person CCI Events at-cost rather than full sticker price

    How to Become a Member

    The Senior Leader Network is for:

    • Self-Identified Conscious Capitalists who want to learn, share, and contribute to the growth of the movement
    • New Conscious Capitalists who have been doing business this way and want to join the movement
    • Senior leaders of mid-market companies practicing Conscious Capitalism