Request for Proposal

Digital Sales Copywriting


Conscious Capitalism, Inc. is looking for a Contractor to provide Digital Sales Copywriting services described in this RFP. Contractor could be either a firm or private contractor.

Company Background

Conscious Capitalism, Inc. (CCI) builds and supports a global network of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and intrapreneurs dedicated to growth through conscious leadership with convenings, learning & development offerings, and PR opportunities. We are committed to our higher purpose of elevating humanity through business as articulated by the Conscious Capitalist Credo.

Our target audience is senior leaders of mid-market companies. These individuals are the key leverage points to driving change in the practice of capitalism. The 1,021 leaders we have engaged to date are spread out across the country from coast to coast, big metropolises and small towns, in a wide array of industries.

We have built target lists based on industry research and personal referrals. We are looking to accelerate our conversion of these leads by contracting with a Digital Sales Copywriting solution.

Our largest events are an annual CEO Summit (~300) and Annual Conference (~800), along with smaller Learning & Development events like Site Visits and Mastermind Gatherings (~15-30). Each of these are valuable experiences that are provided at a market appropriate price point. To date most of our growth has come from word of mouth and personal referrals.

RFP Goals

The goal of this RFP is to select the most appropriate Digital Sales Copywriting contractor to achieve the following through sophisticated and targeted calls to action:

  • Increase annual CEO Summit ticket sales from 250 to 300
  • Increase Annual Conference ticket sales from 600 to 800
  • Drive sales of books in CC Press
  • Build awareness of newer offerings and secure enrollments in Learning & Develop opportunities such as Site Visits (~20 to each), Masterminds (~20 to each), Consultant Certification (12-15 per class), and Learning Lab Webinar hosts
  • Other opportunities to engage our target audience online through our social media channels and/or online advertising

Business Goals

Accomplishing these goals will accelerate the impact of Conscious Capitalism, Inc. by:

  • Engaging more mid-market senior leaders
  • Increasing revenue that can be reinvested into the business and our mission
  • Creating greater awareness among our target audience as to the opportunities available to them
  • Improve customer retention and escalation through our offerings, thus deepening their practice of Conscious Capitalism

Current Digital Communication Strategy & Tactics

Conscious Capitalism, Inc.’s main growth to date has come from word of mouth and personal recommendations.

  • Email newsletters through Constant Contact
  • Individual and mass customized emails through Gmail and Yet Another Mail Merge
  • Social media posts on LinkedIn (primary) as well as Twitter and Facebook
  • Social media ads on LinkedIn and Facebook (occasional)
  • A blog that is currently underutilized
  • Physical mail of postcards and event invitations


  • Online sales pages for each of our offerings: 1) Co-Hosted Site Visit at Clarke, 2) Co-Hosted Site Visit at Televerde, 3) Conscious Leadership Mastermind, 4) Mission Aligned Growth Mastermind, 5) Learning Lab Webinars, 6) Consultant Certification, 7) Annual Conference, 8) Conscious Capitalism Workshops, 9) CEO Summit (to be added to the CCI website), and 10) CC Press books
  • Email sales funnel copy for each of our offerings driving to the sales pages (to be sent via Constant Contact) (4 per month)
  • Social Media posts for each of our offerings driving to the sales pages (to be shared via LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter) (12 per month, per platform)
  • 3 blog posts for each of our offerings driving to our sales pages (to be posted on the blog housed on the CCI website)

Production Timeline

  • Target deployment dates will be set 2-4 weeks ahead of time, agreed to by CCI representative and the Contractor, and tracked on a shared Google Calendar.
  • Complete drafts of copy will be submitted at least 3 business days before the target deployment date


  • The Contractor will primarily report to CCI’s Chief Innovation Officer who directs all programs and events, communicating through email and at least once per week verbally to ensure copy is aligned with CCI’s goals and brand standards.
  • Contractor may communicate with other CCI team members as appropriate to gather the necessary information to produce deliverables that produce needed results.

Target Audience and Ideal Customer Profile

  • C-suite leader of mid-market or larger company (defined as over 100 employees or $5million in revenue)
  • Expressed interest in topics such as higher purpose, employee wellness, social impact, environmental sustainability, conscious leadership, and similar concepts.


  • Proposal will be considered ranging from $2,000 to $4,000 per month to fulfil the scope of this RFP.


  • Please email your Proposal in one PDF file to CCI COO Clark Ruper at .