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Meet the Aspirationals: Designing Brands for Humans

Raphael Bemporad

 A fundamental cultural shift is upon us.  Building on four years of global insight from more than 22,000 respondents across 22 international markets, BBMG and our partners at GlobeScan have revealed a rising generation of Aspirational consumers who unite a love of style, social status and sustainability values to shift cultural norms and rewrite the rules of business, marketing and leadership.
The Aspirational generation isn’t defined by age, but rather the desire for their actions to meet their needs, have a positive impact on others and connect them with an ideal or community that’s bigger than themselves.  Representing 39% of the global adult population, Aspirationals are connecting the right thing to do with the cool thing to do, creating new possibilities for brands, business and the society we share.
BBMG has helped many of the world’s leading brands (e.g., the Coca-Cola Company, Eileen Fisher, L’Oréal Paris, NBCUniversal, Nestlé, Samsung and Target) to reveal the needs, hopes and aspirations of this new generation of customers, team members and community partners to deliver better products, more meaningful experiences and healthy, vibrant communities for all of us.
Understanding how to reach, engage and inspire Aspirational consumers is an essential strategy for business leaders to stay relevant and resilient looking to the future.


Vulnerability Quotient: How to Leverage Your Company’s Humanity

Corey Blake

Customers are looking to do business with brands that make them feel great about opening their wallets.  Employees and vendors want to know that their life energy is contributing to a better planet.  And investors want to see that their financial energy is not only yielding a profitable return, but also a return on humanity.
And yet, for decades, as CEOs, we have been taught to deliver cleverness and spin in our communication with the world.  We show the world what we want them to see and hide the rest.  But that methodology is no longer supporting our stakeholder’s desires.  We must risk speaking our truth to offer the deeper connection our customers, employees, vendors, and investors are demanding.
But how do we redefine our stakeholder model so that it encourages long term, committed, and loving relationships between the company and its many players?  The answer is an ecosystem that encourages vulnerability and courage.  It is time for organizations to plant a flag in the ground and announce to the world what they stand for; to step up to the challenge of sharing “who” they are.
This workshop, first presented at the April Conscious Capitalism conference in Chicago, will awaken participants to the language of their truth.  It will help CEOs to connect quickly and deeply with each other and model approaches they can take back to their stakeholders.  This is a time for vulnerability, a time for truth, and a time for courage. This is an interactive workshop so please come ready to play.



Money, Mission and Legacy: Protecting and Strengthening your Company’s Purpose Through its Most important Financial Transactions

Diana Propper de Callejon, Seth Goldman, Michael Whelchel & Matthew O’Hayer

“As soon as the money comes in the destiny is changed.” – Greg Steltenpohl, Founder, Odwalla
Mission plays a central role in Conscious Capitalism companies.  In many cases, the mission of the company is the founder’s raison d’être, the grounding and deep conviction at the enter of the company, the centrifuge of its operations.  While strategy, marketing, operations and finance are necessary elements, it is mission that holds the seat of honor at the corporate table in purpose-driven companies.  But when it comes to raising capital or selling a company, purpose many times finds itself sidelined for pushed to the back row.
The key financial transactions in a company’s lifecycle can threaten the prominence of mission.  Companies organized around mission often find core purposes challenged when a new investor gains an influential stake or when a new buyer has no dedicated stake in mission continuity.  These financial transactions represent decision points that can have permanent effects on the mission and future of a company and jeopardize a founder’s legacy if not approached properly.
There are a growing number of options and examples for founders and CEOs to strengthen purpose through financial transactions.  This practicum will showcase these various options and provide key strategies and tactics that have been learned through experience by the founders and investment professionals in this presenter group.




Morning Yoga by Manduka

Jessica Goulding

This 45 minute Yoga session is intended for practitioners at all levels. Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice or discipline, that aims to transform body and mind.



Connecting Innovation, Passion & Culture with Diversity & Inclusion

Pamela Mattsson

Aim: To discuss inclusive cultures that celebrate and leverage the talents and innovations of un-like minds coming together.
During this session Pamela will lead us through a discussion around connecting innovation, passion and culture with diversity and inclusion.
Pamela views diversity as a commitment to recognizing and appreciating the variety of characteristics that make individuals unique in an atmosphere where individual and collective achievement are celebrated. Diversity is an inextricable foundation of conscious workplaces whether or not it is addressed directly by diversity and inclusion initiatives.
Pamela will argue that to be competitive, to execute, to prosper, to build a strong leadership pipeline, to serve society—all rely on inclusive cultures that celebrate and leverage the talents and innovations of un-like minds coming together.
About your facilitator: Pamela firmly believes that the distinction between work and life is a false polarity. Life is happening all of the time and true Leadership is about taking responsibility for what you are creating, reconnecting to your inner core, your humanness and authentically honoring your values.



Leading a Faith-Based Organization and Finding Higher Ground

Scott Miller

By focusing on its deeper Purpose, a conscious business inspires, engages and energizes its stakeholders.  Team Members, Customers and others trust and even love companies that have an inspiring purpose.  In this practicum, we will walk in the steps of a faith-based organization whose roots have been firmly planted in its Purpose “To Glorify God” for 63 years.  How has this Purpose evolved through the growth of the organization?  How does “faith-based” manifest itself from different stakeholder perspectives?  And how does the leadership team steward its Purpose in today’s political climate?  President and CEO Scott Miller will share real-world business examples of the anatomy of a faith-based organization and facilitate open discussion about the opportunities and challenges of serving a Higher Purpose.



Nothing Matters More than Hiring the Right People

Brian Mohr

For more than a century, the business world’s definition of the ‘right’ employee was the one who had the skills to successfully perform the duties listed in the job description. The impact of selecting people using this traditional hiring approach has led to massive employee disengagement, sub-optimal organizational productivity, increased operating costs, and decreases in employee well-being and customer satisfaction. The time has come for CEOs to re-examine their definition of what the ‘right’ employee actually looks like in today’s business world.
In this engaging, interactive, and lively session, you will be exposed to a new way to approach your hiring process with an emphasis on redefining the ‘right’ employee for your organization. We’ll explore the direct and indirect costs of the wrong hire, the difference between a conscious vs. unconscious ‘A’ player, the impact of understanding how the unique purpose of each department within your organization impacts the success rate of the people you hire, and the importance of involving multiple stakeholders at the beginning of the hiring process.  You’ll leave this session with actionable strategies to prepare you for your next hiring experience and a renewed sense of confidence that your hiring process and decision-making will lead to a positive impact on your entire stakeholder community.
High Impact Learning Objectives:
  • Redefining the ‘right’ employee for your organization
  • Harnessing the power of the unique purpose of each department within your organization and applying it to the hiring process
  • Exploring cutting-edge candidate outreach strategies and the positive impact it can deliver
  • Challenging the standard job description process and emphasizing the importance of a stakeholder-centric role design process



Conscious Capitalism 101

Dr. Raj Sisodia

Capitalism has been extraordinarily successful over the past two centuries at raising living standards, life expectancy and life satisfaction. But the old way is not working any more. The world has changed so much and people have evolved so rapidly that we need to bring a higher level of consciousness to the world of business. Conscious Capitalism is an emerging paradigm that realigns business to the emerging realities of our world and the evolving value systems of people worldwide. Conscious businesses deliver extraordinary financial performance while creating multiple kinds of positive value for all stakeholders: financial, intellectual, physical, ecological, social, cultural, emotional and even spiritual. This session provides an overview of the tenets of Conscious Capitalism and evidence for its multifaceted success.