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Meet the Aspirationals: Designing Brands for Humans

 Raphael Bemporad

The Aspirational generation isn’t defined by age, but rather the desire for their actions to meet their needs, have a positive impact on others and connect them with an ideal or community that’s bigger than themselves.  Representing 39% of the global adult population, Aspirationals are connecting the right thing to do with the cool thing to do, creating new possibilities for brands, business and the society we share.

Understanding how to reach, engage and inspire Aspirational consumers is an essential strategy for business leaders to stay relevant and resilient looking to the future.




Shakti Leadership: Leveraging Feminine and Masculine Power in Business

Nilima Bhat & Raj Sisodia

Why lead with half your power? Join Nilima Bhat and Raj Sisodia as they draw from their new book, to understand how we can leverage our Feminine values and energy to take our leadership and organizations to a whole new level.

This practicum aims to awaken both men and women to their innate feminine leadership capacities, through an inside-out, consciousness-based approach, that sources directly from their authentic, resilient, life-affirming and regenerative core.

In an experiential and self-reflective format you will learn how to FLEX between your masculine and feminine nature; to come into your true power and fully human leadership.

Get Real With… Marc Blackman

Marc Blackman & Thea Polancic

In this “Get Real With…” session, Marc Blackman will share Gold Eagle’s journey as well as its potential marketplace challenges and how it has begun to anticipate how the company can respond to them while continuing to leverage its core purpose and values.

Get Real With… is a practicum track full of deep dive conversations with conscious business and thought leaders answering questions you always wanted to know but haven’t been able to ask. Come hear stories not only about their rise to success but about what happens down in the trenches applying the principles of Conscious Capitalism when faced with challenging situations and tough choices and the hard and important lessons learned in the process.
Managing Partner of ClearSpace, LLC, Thea Polancic sits down with Gold Eagle CEO, Marc Blackman.


Drive Business Impact by Igniting Purpose – both individually and as an organization

Nick Craig

Over the past five years, there’s been an explosion of interest in purpose-driven leadership. Business experts have made the case that purpose is a key to exceptional performance, while psychologists describe it as the pathway to greater well-being. A purposeful and authentic approach to leadership is increasingly being touted as the key to navigating today’s increasingly complex, volatile, ambiguous world, where strategy is ever-changing and few decisions are obviously right or wrong.

In this session based on the research behind Nick’s HBR article “From Purpose to Impact,” (co-authored with Scott Snook) as well as his newly released leadership book, The Discover Your True North Fieldbook, Nick will help leaders begin to identify their own unique “True North” through reflection and exercises that target the purpose of their leadership and help them develop authentic leadership skills.


Creating a Dynamic Culture: Reframing Feedback to Inspire a Conscious Shift

Lori Darley

Feedback is frequently a terrifying word to most people. But creating a culture that values feedback and creates a continuously learning and growing community ties directly to the bottom line. The purpose of this experiential practicum is to create a 360° shift in the framing of feedback to help participants move from resisting feedback to welcoming and embracing it, even craving it.

This workshop will engage participants in interactive skill practices designed to create a cultural shift at every level of your organizations through the application of the Contribution Mindset.

Managing Conflict: Legal Tools for Intentional Corporate Cultures

Kimberly Fauss, JD

Now you can mitigate conflict without sacrificing your company’s mission. Join Kimberly as she guides you through the process of replacing traditional legal processes with value-based negotiation techniques. Whether you are a manager, a lawyer, or an individual seeking to master conflict management skills, you will benefit from this hands-on practicum. Through interactive learning exercises, you will learn to:

  • identify the corporate culture you want to develop to best reflect your company’s mission and values
  • integrate value-based negotiation skills into daily business and apply them to solve internal company problems
  • engage outside lawyers who will honor the company culture, and adopt an action plan to supervise them


Moving from Being Driven by the Urgent, to Being Driven by the Important

Brian Fippinger

Studies show that the average business leader gets over 115 emails, 45 text messages and 22 telephone calls every day. Given average time spent on each of these 175 exchanges, we spend 7.98 hours being trapped in a cell created by our cell phones. This is why we check our smartphones close to 150 times a day.

In our session the participants will be provided tools and life hacks to help them gain choice over what, how and why they respond to the massive waves of technological (and other) interruptions in their day-to-day lives. Together, through group discussions, somatic exercises and self inquiry the participants will walk away with what they need to be paroled from their cells on Monday morning.


Bridging the Values Gap

R. Edward Freeman

The purpose of this practicum is to explore difficult values conversations with key stakeholders both internal and external.  It will draw from my recent book:  Bridging the Values Gap with Ellen R. Auster, Barrett-Koehler, 2015. However we will deal with the questions and examples from the participants in a conversational mode.

Questions to be explored include:

  • What does it mean to be authentic and live your values?  In your personal life? In organizations?
  • What are the key mistakes we make in values conversations and how do we avoid them?
  • What are best ways to deal with (a) history; (b) aspiration; (c) connection to others; and, (d) introspection”.
  • How do these aspects of authentic conversations differ and how are they connected?
  • How do we improve our organization’s ability to have conversations that make a difference around values and stakeholders?

Build a Better Business with the B Corp Assessment

Nancy Goldstein

Certified B Corporations redefine success in business. Collectively, B Corps lead a growing global movement of people using business as a force for good. What does it really mean to build a better business? How do B Corps back up their stated missions by measuring their impact?  In this session you will learn about how to use the B Corp assessment to improve your business practices.

Regardless of whether your business is ready to take the step to becoming a Certified B Corp, you will learn the basic tools to help your company advance the practice of Conscious Capitalism via the B Corp movement.

Building a Bridge to Millennials

Kristen Hadeed

In this practicum, Kristen unravels the mystery of the Millennials in order to bridge the gap to understanding what it takes to inspire and engage this unique generation.

Why does it matter? Because these young people are reshaping our cultural and consumption patterns and are quickly becoming the most influential generation today. Born between 1982 and the mid-2000s, they will make up at least 50% of the workforce by the year 2020 and if they’re not already your customer, soon they will be. As the first generation to grow up with the Internet and many other things, Millennials define success differently than previous generations and have a reputation for being entitled and difficult in communicating what they want.

Workshop Topics include:

  • Bridging the communication gap between generations.
  • Creating a space for Millennials to engage and thrive—a place that breeds and grooms future leaders.
  • Building a culture that teaches critical skills Millennials desperately need for success.
  • Plenty of time for Q&A–come with questions!


Get Real With… Mark Hoplamazian

Mark Hoplamazian & Dev Patnaik

Get Real With… is a practicum track full of deep dive conversations with conscious business and thought leaders answering questions you always wanted to know but haven’t been able to ask. Come hear stories not only about their rise to success but about what happens down in the trenches applying the principles of Conscious Capitalism when faced with challenging situations and tough choices and the hard and important lessons learned in the process.

We are excited to bring back to the stage Mark Hoplamazian, President & CEO of Hyatt Hotels Corporation, and Dev Patnaik, CEO of Jump Associates. This was one of our highest rated sessions last year, and there are a lot more stories to be told.



CEO and Leadership Team Journey to Conscious Capitalism

Timothy Henry

Conscious Capitalism, Inc. offers a world class two day workshop to help CEOs and their executive teams identify where they are on their Journey to Conscious Capitalism and what they can do to accelerate the process. The workshop identifies specific areas where the team and organization can accelerate on their road to success within the Conscious Capitalism framework, taking participants from inspiration to impact. We take the concepts of Conscious Capitalism and make it practical and relevant to your organization and business challenges.

This practicum offers an overview of the program, some lessons learned from previous workshops and a couple of sample exercises we perform in the longer program. Come hear what we have learned about how to take your team with you on the Journey to Conscious Capitalism.


The Key Ingredient in High Performing and High Purpose Organizations: Purpose-Oriented Employees

Aaron Hurst

Breakthrough research by Imperative in collaboration with NYU has been able to identify that 28% of the workforce sees work as being about fulfillment and serving others. More importantly, these purpose-oriented workers thrive relative to their peers in every measure. These are the people Conscious Capitalism companies need to hire and build their talent strategies to support.

In this session we will share the research findings and case studies from employers as well as explore how every organization can design their talent strategies around purpose-oriented employees.


Your Attention: The Secret Ingredient of Conscious Leaders & How to Cultivate It

Chris Johnson

Conscious leaders aspire to embed a deep sense of purpose in their people and their organizations despite the high speed, increased complexity, and craziness of the world.

Attention and self-awareness are essential, key ingredients for focus and resilience, healthy cultures, for cutting edge innovation.

In this highly interactive session you will focus on the “how” of developing the embodied skills of attention. You’ll pause to slow down. You’ll train your intuition, that part of you that ‘knows’ your next right action, by tuning into your physical body, your breath. To top it off, you’ll leave with a personal training plan when you leave.And, you’ll be in good company.


Nailing Down the Elusive Higher Purpose of Your Business

Tim Kelley
Firms of Endearment and other Conscious Capitalism-inspired research make clear the positive impact of higher purpose on employee engagement and the bottom line. Companies with a powerful purpose are successful, inspiring, and clear models of the future of business. But what if you don’t know your company’s higher purpose? How do you find it?
This powerful, practical and inspiring session will explore the methods that companies use to find their higher purpose, how they work, and their pros and cons. Also, we will reveal a powerful technique that few companies know about. Listening to other leaders talk about how great it is to run a purpose-driven company isn’t enough; you must choose a path for your organization. Come learn the best way to find your company’s purpose!



Revealing a Truly Inspiring Company Purpose: A Real-time Practicum

Tim Kelley

Come experience a powerful and little-known method for directly accessing your company’s purpose. This technique accesses your purpose directly and intuitively, rather than relying on what you already know. We will engage in a real-time process, uncovering new information about your company’s purpose, and possibly your individual purpose, as well.

This session is best for leaders of companies that have high aspirations for impacting society and are ready to learn or upgrade their purpose now.



Igniting Your Online Presence

Tim Levy
This presentation is designed to give Conscious Capitalism Chapters and anyone interested in optimizing their online presence a fundamental understanding of today’s primary digital marketing eco-systems – web sites, search (SEO) and social media.
By learning this three step process you will be able to plan and implement a series of straight forward steps to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your online presence and steer clear of online and digital marketing sharks at the same time.


Conscious Connections with We!

Chad Littlefield Will Wise

How do you create connections that matter in your organization? Designed as a way to make the most of this opportunity to be together with the Conscious Capitalism community, this session will spark the right conversations…with the right people. Our time together will be lively, highly interactive and rooted in research and story. When you get this many smart, passionate people in a room together, the potential is high. The purpose of this session is to transform that potential into new connections that will last throughout the conference and beyond.



Embodied Values Alignment: The Power of Walking Your Talk

LeeAnn Mallorie
How does an organization achieve real values alignment among employees and leadership? This workshop is about learning to WALK the TALK. In this 75 minute session, I will introduce participants to a series of powerful mindfulness and embodiment practices that help them do just that.

As a participant, you will learn to listen to the wisdom of your body, and see yourself as others see you. Thus, you will increase your capacity to project the company values powerfully and authentically, while inspiring others to do the same.

Embodied leadership principles & mindfulness activities are foundational to my approach. As a by-product, you will also deepen your relationship with other conference participants… and have lots of fun!


Get Real With… Joe Mansueto

Joe Mansueto Doug Rauch
Get Real With… is a practicum track full of deep dive conversations with conscious business and thought leaders answering questions you always wanted to know but haven’t been able to ask. Come hear stories not only about their rise to success but about what happens down in the trenches applying the principles of Conscious Capitalism when faced with challenging situations and tough choices and the hard and important lessons learned in the process.
Founder & President of Daily Table, Doug Rauch sits down with Morningstar CEO, Joe Mansueto.




Alexander McCobin
Alexander McCobin

Chapters Town Hall

Alexander McCobin & Doug Rauch

This will be a special Chapter meeting for Chapter Leaders only. Doug Rauch will kick things off by formally introducing Alexander McCobin, to be followed by a town hall style meeting.



Report from the Field: Ace Metal Crafts and the Kaizen of Culture – Unleashed Employees at the Heart of Manufacturing

Katarina Pantelic-Orb Deb Benning
Join members of the Ace Metal Crafts leadership team for a first hand experience of how to make your culture a key part of improving any process. Learn how to make your values practical, increase engagement in your organization and experience a LEAN process improvement session that ends in unleashed employees. Regardless of your industry, you’ll take away clear steps you can apply them to improve any important process in your organization through linkage to your values.


After this talk the audience will:
  • Understand how to translate values into actionable behaviors
  • See firsthand how those behaviors can bring Values alive in their organization
  • Experience how continuous improvement (Lean) engages employees in Operational Excellence and how Values and Behaviors are important foundation of a Trust Culture.



Morning Yoga

Jenn Perell
Join us for an all levels vinyasa flow yoga class. An opportunity to come together in community and move our bodies with a mindful somatic practice. This is the perfect way to clear your mind, enliven your system and get a jump start on your days at Conscious Capitalism 2016.



The Passion Conversation

Robbin Phillips
Today, success takes more than a transaction. Every dollar is a declaration, and people want to do business with companies who are doing well by doing good. This is a journey that starts from within. Understanding passion provides actionable insights that empower marketers to authentically connect with the people who love their brands. These relationships and conversations lead to sharing because they put people, not the brand, first.
In this practicum, you’ll learn how to put your brand to work most effectively, use your marketing for greater purpose and more!



Alternate Reality

Srikumar Rao
We believe that we live in a ‘real’ world and are confronting problems in that world.

This is only partly true.

What we don’t recognize is that this world is ‘a’ reality. It is not ‘the’ reality.

We quite literally ‘create’ the world we live in and experience it the way we created it. It is almost as if we were all caught in the Matrix. But this Matrix was not designed by an alien civilization out to ensnare us. It is something we built using our mental models.

In this practicum, you will be introduced to a very powerful method by which you can seriously transform your life and solve a raft of related problems at the same time. Come and learn how to clearly understand how we ‘create’ the reality that we live in and gain familiarity with ways to create ‘alternative’ realities that you can implement to greatly improve your life.



The Trouble With Empowerment: Lessons from Holacracy and the Self-Management Movement

Brian Robertson
In this presentation, Brian Robertson challenges some of the conventional wisdom around the popular concept of “empowerment” by examining the question, “What gets in the way of empowerment?” Using examples and anecdotes from his experiences with Holacracy and traditional management hierarchies, Brian explores many of the aspects that impact power relationships in organizations, including boundaries, structure, and clarity.



Activating Employee Engagement with Servant Leadership

Jason Scott

 Engagement is about increasing the collective IQ by regularly soliciting your team’s ideas and then choosing a path forward together. Remember… People have a tendency to prioritize activities they came up with over those handed to them by others. You can be efficient with stuff, not so much with people. With people, taking the extra time to connect with them and co-create will put you and your team in the fast lane.

In this practicum you will discover what employee engagement looks like. You will re-work some of your more critical existing practices into engagement-focused exercises. You will walk away with some techniques to immediately begin engaging your teams, and a new outlook that will allow you to begin seeing engagement opportunities all around you.


Raj SisodiaEssentials of Conscious Capitalism

Raj Sisodia

Capitalism has been extraordinarily successful over the past two centuries at raising living standards, life expectancy and life satisfaction. But the old way is not working any more. The world has changed so much and people have evolved so rapidly that we need to bring a higher level of consciousness to the world of business. Conscious Capitalism is an emerging paradigm that realigns business to the emerging realities of our world and the evolving value systems of people worldwide. Conscious businesses deliver extraordinary financial performance while creating multiple kinds of positive value for all stakeholders: financial, intellectual, physical, ecological, social, cultural, emotional and even spiritual. This session provides an overview of the tenets of Conscious Capitalism and evidence for its multifaceted success.



The Heart and Science of Collaborative Communication: How to handle difficult conversations

Susan Steinbrecher

Using her body of research regarding the social and organizational problems we are facing today as a foundation, Susan will present her proven step-by-step method of engagement towards respectful and collaborative dialogue.

In this dynamic interactive session, participants are invited to practice valuable skill-building techniques, and are asked to complete a personal plan of action aimed at directly enhancing the quality of interpersonal exchanges, and expanding the ability to handle challenging conflict episodes from a mindful and heart-centered perspective.



Finding the Hard-to-Find: Recruiting Strategies that Work

Rob Waldron

Finding and hiring stellar talent is an ongoing challenge for any business leader. For mission-driven companies in particular, it is doubly important to ensure you’re reaching individuals who are not only world-class but also a fit with organizational values and culture.

This interactive session will focus on practical tips to up your recruiting game and help you locate and connect with tough-to-find candidates. Participants will learn innovative strategies – both online and in-person – to generate leads and engage with the mission-oriented folks you need to move your organization forward. Bring your toughest recruiting challenges to this hands-on practicum and leave prepared to find your company’s next greatest champion!


3 Vital Questions You Should Be Asking… Every Day!

David Emerald Womeldorff

What are the vital questions you should be asking about the health of your leadership and the health of your organization’s culture?  This practicum will introduce you to 3 Vital Questions™ that are just as fundamental to your leadership and the health of your organization as vital signs are to your personal health. They will support you in assessing and enhancing employee engagement, supporting sustainable change, and contributing to the overall vitality of your organization.

These 3 Vital Questions ™ are the next step in the evolving ways of thinking, relating and taking action described in David Emerald’s The Power of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic), a teaching story about personal leadership that has everything to do with leading in your organization and your life.