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Transforming the Way We Work: Fueling Sustainable Performance in a World of Infinite Demand

Leaders: Tony Schwartz

President, Founder, & CEO /// The Energy Project

The way we’re working isn’t working. Demand is outstripping our capacity.  Think about your own day. Do you wake up most mornings feeling sleep-deprived? Check your email before you have breakfast? Move from meeting to meeting with no time in between? Find it impossible to keep up with the volume of email you receive? Struggle to find regular time for real reflection and longer-term thinking?

We each have four core energy needs: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Counterintuitively, your first responsibility as a leader is to take better and more intentional care of your own energy needs, much the way, in an emergency on a plane, you are advised to put the oxygen mask over yourself before you do your child.

If you take care of your own energy needs – and then truly empower those they lead to do the same – you’ll build a workforce that is healthier, happier, more focused, more committed, and more sustainably high-performing.

Key takeaways from this presentation:

  • An introduction to compelling research the impact of meeting the four key energy needs on engagement, retention, and performance.
  • A clear and powerful assessment of how well you’re currently managing your own energy.
  • An understanding of the ongoing war between your states, and how the way you feel at any given powerfully influences the way you lead.
  • An experience of the critical and undervalued role that renewal plays in sustainable high performance.


Accelerating The Journey to Conscious Capitalism

Leaders: Timothy Henry

Managing Partner /// Arete Management LLC

This is a session focused on the “how to” of accelerating the journey your organization is on towards Conscious Capitalism. Conscious Capitalism, Inc. is developing a practical, “hands on”, 2-day workshop for CEOs and their executive teams to work together to identify opportunities and commit to action to accelerate their Journey to Conscious Capitalism. Practically, the goal of the 2-day workshop is to identify 3-5 areas in which your team and organization can significantly improve how you operate your business within the framework of the four pillars of Conscious Capitalism. Come and get a preview of the 2-day workshop and work through an exercise on stakeholder orientation and thinking win-win; develop a 12-18 month action plan to move forward with one of your key stakeholders.

At the end of the practicum, you will have:

  • An understanding of where you are on the journey to Conscious Capitalism and what it means to take a holistic approach to transforming your organization
  • For one of your key stakeholders, a high-level implementation plan for the next 12-18 months on what it means to think win-win.
  • An overview of the “Accelerating the Journey to Conscious Capitalism” workshop and how this might be helpful to your organization in accelerating this journey.


The Power of Purpose

Leaders: Haley Rushing

Co-Founder & Chief Purposologist – The Purpose Institute /// SVP & Chief Planning Officer, GSD&M

In this interactive workshop, Haley will give a brief presentation on using the power of purpose to create high-performing organizations that lift both people and profits to extraordinary levels. She will then lead the group through a series of exercises designed to help you articulate and bring to life the purpose of your own organization.





Heart-Centered Leadership: Lead Well, Live Well

Business Consultant /// Steinbrecher And Associates, Inc.

Heart-Centered Leadership states that ethical leadership must start from within. It is based on seven principles that promote trust, authenticity, caring and transparency — it is a whole-person approach to leadership.

Leading from the heart is not just a nice idea or theory or some magical dream. By embracing a heart-centered approach to leadership, you will be in a more powerful position than you could possibly have imagined. More importantly, you will genuinely and deeply touch the lives of others by your actions.

This presentation examines both the heart and science of leadership, setting a clear path for the attendees to achieve highly effective skills by: exploring what defines a “good” and “bad” leader and the impact of each, and reviewing research that indicates how, through a positive emotional climate, employees’ attitudes drive financial results. Participants are asked to complete a personal development plan committing to enhancing and reinforcing their leadership skills from a heart-centered perspective.



Get Real With… Jeff Sinelli and Corey Blake

Leaders: Jeff Sinelli 

Founder, CEO and Chief Vibe Officer /// Which Wich

Corey Blake 

Founder & CEO /// Round Table Companies

Get Real With… is a practicum track full of deep dive conversations with conscious business and thought leaders answering questions you always wanted to know but haven’t been able to ask. Come hear stories not only about their rise to success but about what happens down in the trenches applying the principles of Conscious Capitalism when faced with challenging situations and tough choices and the hard and important lessons learned in the process.

Founder & CEO of Round Table Companies Corey Blake sits down with Which Wich Founder, CEO and Chief Vibe Officer Jeff Sinelli.


Get Real With… Mark Hoplamazian and Dev Patnaik

Get Real With… is a practicum track full of deep dive conversations with conscious business and thought leaders answering questions you always wanted to know but haven’t been able to ask. Come hear stories not only about their rise to success but about what happens down in the trenches applying the principles of Conscious Capitalism when faced with challenging situations and tough choices and the hard and important lessons learned in the process.

Jump Associates CEO Dev Patnaik sits down with Hyatt’s President and CEO, Mark Hoplamazian.




Get Real With… Jean Pitzo and Thea Polancic

Leaders: Jean Pitzo 

CEO /// Ace Metal Crafts ///

Get Real With… is a practicum track full of deep dive conversations with conscious business and thought leaders answering questions you always wanted to know but haven’t been able to ask. Come hear stories not only about their rise to success but about what happens down in the trenches applying the principles of Conscious Capitalism when faced with challenging situations and tough choices and the hard and important lessons learned in the process.

Ace Metal Crafts CEO Jean Pitzo is interviewed by ClearSpace Managing Partner Thea Polancic.




 Get Real With… Kip Tindell and Jeff Cherry

Leaders:Kip Tindell

Founder & CEO /// The Container Store

Jeff Cherry 

Founder / Executive Director /// Conscious Venture Lab

Get Real With… is a practicum track full of deep dive conversations with conscious business and thought leaders answering questions you always wanted to know but haven’t been able to ask. Come hear stories not only about their rise to success but about what happens down in the trenches applying the principles of Conscious Capitalism when faced with challenging situations and tough choices and the hard and important lessons learned in the process.

Jeff Cherry, Founder & Executive Director of Conscious Venture Lab, sits down for a conversation with Kip Tindell, Founder & CEO of The Container Store.


Get Real With… Simon Sinek and Bob Chapman

  • Leaders: Simon Sinek

    Author /// Leaders Eat Last & Start With Why

    Bob Chapman 

    Chairman & CEO /// Barry-Wehmiller
    Get Real With… is a practicum track full of deep dive conversations with conscious business and thought leaders answering questions you always wanted to know but haven’t been able to ask. Come hear stories not only about their rise to success but about what happens down in the trenches applying the principles of Conscious Capitalism when faced with challenging situations and tough choices and the hard and important lessons learned in the process.

Simon Sinek, bestselling author of Leaders Eat Last and Start With Why, interviews Chairman & CEO of Barry-Wehmiller, Bob Chapman.


 Cultivating Mindfulness: Creating Conscious Leaders

President /// Q4 Consulting, Inc.

Self-awareness—at the very core of what it means to be a conscious leader—can be elusive in our 24/7, hyper-connected world because we’re so ‘busy’ and don’t believe we ‘have the time.’

This highly interactive session will focus on the “how to” of developing mindfulness skills that will allow you to cultivate your self-awareness as a conscious leader.

If you’ve ever felt like you were running faster and faster, never quite catching up, you know the toll the chase can take on your energies and enthusiasm. . . . on being present to the moment.  The answer is not in running….moving…thinking…..faster;  it is in slowing down long enough, pausing, and taking effective action that matters.

Conscious leaders aspire to embed a deep sense of purpose in their people and their organizations despite the high speed, craziness of the world. Leaders must cultivate self-awareness, the key ingredient for increased resilience, empathy and creativity, in order to address life’s increasing complexities.

You’ll learn skills to pause, to slow down, to drop underneath your thinking to still your mind and body. You’ll feel into your sensing body and heighten your intuition. You’ll get a taste of listening for what’s most essential in the present moment. And, you’ll leave with a plan to develop a personal practice when you leave.

You’ll be in good company.

Of the 343 businesses cited in a recent HBR article, those firms that “slowed down to speed up” improved both their top and bottom lines, with 40% higher sales and 52% higher operating profits over three years. Increasingly companies from Aetna to Google to Zappos are at the vanguard of a movement focused on cultivating self-awareness, well-being, and productivity because it’s good business.


Money, Mission, and Legacy: Protecting & strengthening your company’s purpose through the most important financial transactions in your company’s lifecycle

Leaders: Michael Whelchel

Co-Founder & Managing Partner /// Big Path Capital

Scott Jenkins 

President /// DIRTT Environmental Solutions

Diana Propper de Callejon 

Managing Director /// Cranemere, Inc.

Purpose plays a central role for Conscious Capitalism companies in the founding and the growth of their companies.  But Purpose often is pushed to the background in a company’s most important financial transactions, from capital raises to the sale of a company.   Why is this?  Money is key along the life cycle of a business (seed funding, growth capital, and owner/investor liquidity in an exit). How can Purpose be a more integral part of the discussion when outside capital is involved especially given that a founder’s legacy could be jeopardized if the process is not approached properly.

This interactive practicum will take a 360-degree real-world view on both the challenges of and potential solutions to protecting and strengthening your company’s purpose in its most important financial transactions.  The presenters are industry practitioners and include the main actors for any good financing story:

  • the mission-driven investment banker whose clients generate good as they generate profits and who has one of the largest impact investor networks in the world,
  • the President of a purpose-driven company with a phenomenal growth story of going from private capital and to public in less than five years,
  • the mission-aligned investor whose firm is a new breed of investment company that better aligns with the purpose-driven founders.

It will be an exciting and interactive session.  We hope you can join us to explore and discuss strategies to ensure how you can leave a lasting legacy through the continuation of your company’s Purpose.


Staying True to Your Mission in Times of Change 

Leaders: Neil Grimmer 

Co-Founder & CEO /// Plum Organics

Today’s stakeholders (i.e. employers, employees, investors etc.) expect more from brands – they are looking for a company that does good (in the greater community and world), while doing well (financially).

Mission-driven brands fit the bill for stakeholders in this new economy. These are companies which clearly identify their mission and purpose and align all business objectives and milestones with those values.

As your company grows and acquisitions are presented, how do you adapt and integrate, while not losing your founding mission, values and purpose? Neil will provide tips on how to lead a mission-driven company through an acquisition, while reassuring stakeholders (i.e. employees, retailers) the company’s purpose will continue to thrive and act as a foundation in the future.

The majority of the practicum agenda is dedicated to application and sharing insights / experiences with the group to continue the learning initiative.


Empowering The Creator Mindset: How the Best Lead Through Change

Leaders: Mike Maddock 

CEO /// Maddock Douglas

When you ask your team to focus on a new goal, vision or purpose, you’ve just made a scary proposition for many on your team. And with the fear, comes the drama.

Drama is like bad soil. No matter how good the seeds of ideas are, they struggle to grow in a culture that isn’t rich with trust and possibility.

This fun, interactive session will give tools that you can use in the boardroom and at home. You’ll learn to identify drama, understand your role in it, and learn how to move your leadership team (and your family) from complainers to creators.


Unleashing Innovation: The Question is the Answer

Conscious leadership is incredibly hard in a world of extreme change. Any of us could find ourselves at the helm of the next Blackberry or Blockbuster, leading organizations challenged by a quickly changing market. What can Conscious Leaders do to better navigate uncertainty?

This Practicum draws upon Jump’s work with some of the world’s most innovative companies. You’ll get a hands-on experience that will improve your performance as an innovation leader. You’ll also walk out with specific practices that you can put to work immediately in your organization. How do you grow in times of change? The good news is that you don’t need have the answer, but you do need to get everyone focused on the right questions.




Happy Whole Human… It’s Happening!

Founder, Academy for Conscious Leadership /// Whole Foods Market

Lisa Leit 

Founder /// Happy Whole Human Institute of Holistic Wellness

How are your relationships going?  Have you ever wondered by we all can’t just get along? If you’re like the vast majority of Americans, it may be hard to connect to others without losing yourself or trying to control them. Research shows that most people inadvertently engage in patterns of self-absorption that put their personal, relationship, and organizational health at risk.

Learn how to foster productive, fulfilling stakeholder interdependence by cultivating both individual well-being and relationship quality using HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN™, a safe, confidential space for self-discovery with Do-It-Yourself tools individuals can use to quantify their unique personal needs across 28 dimensions of holistic health and gently receive structure, support, and measurable goals while simultaneously providing leadership with valuable insights in the form of quantitative aggregate reports and customizable dashboards.

Measure your own well-being by taking the 15 minute Happy Whole Human Holistic Wellness Self-assessment


Advancing Women Leaders: A Practical Approach – Lessons from Einstein 

Leaders: Deborah Rocco 

Senior Consultant /// Interaction Associates

Questions and the solutions we generate are inextricably linked.  Einstein said “If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask, for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes.”  What questions are we asking as we strive to close the gender gap in senior leadership?  Is the current conversation expanding our thinking and opening up new possibilities?  Or are we in danger of doing the same thing over again and expecting different results?

In this interactive session, we will explore the art of inquiry as a way to move beyond currently held beliefs about gender and leadership and engage each other, across stakeholder groups,  in conversation that matter.   Participants will examine the current conversation about gender equity, fraught with blame and controversy, and apply the principles of appreciative inquiry to ignite conversations that expand our thinking.

The format will be interactive and designed to engage participants in reflection, skill building, and application.


Conscious Capitalism Chapter Network Convening

Leaders: Nina Narelle

Chapters and Membership Programs Manager /// Conscious Capitalism, Inc.

Amy Powell 

Co-Founder /// Conscious Capitalism’s Australian Chapter

Designed for Chapter Leaders of the Conscious Capitalism Chapter Network, this working session will explore best practices for chapter development and develop creative solutions to common challenges. Join us for this unique opportunity to meet in person with other Chapter Leaders from across the globe.



A Brilliantly Powerful Approach to Conscious Hiring – Achieving the Best Possible Outcome

Leaders: Brian Mohr

Co-Founder & Managing Partner /// Y Scouts

In this highly interactive session you will learn a new way to approach your hiring process with an emphasis on hiring to achieve the best possible outcome. We’ll explore predominant hiring practices and the ROI of adopting a conscious hiring method and mindset. You’ll recognize the importance of defining who you are as a company and what you truly need when it comes to hiring new teammates. Learn to navigate beyond the pressures of reactively replacing the previous person in the role or a short-term plug and play of someone with “the right resume.” You’ll leave this session with actionable strategies to prepare you for your next hiring experience and a renewed sense of confidence that your hiring process and decision-making will lead to a positive impact on your entire stakeholder community.


Selling with Noble Purpose

Leaders: Lisa Earle McLeod

President & Bestselling Author /// McLeod & More, Inc.

This session is for CEO’s and senior leaders who need to accelerate growth, drive revenue, and amp up employee engagement.

The words selling and noble are rarely seen together. Most people believe that money is the primary motivator for excellent salespeople and that doing good by the world runs a distant second. That belief is wrong. Drawing on two decades of work with clients like Roche, Google and Kimberly-Clark, Sales Leadership expert Lisa McLeod reveals:

  • Why organizations with a clearly stated Noble Sales Purpose (NSP) outperform the market by 350%.
  • How to find your own Noble Sales Purpose using a simple three-part formula.
  • Techniques for developing a sales narrative to make you more compelling with clients, employees, investors, and stakeholders.


Build a Conscious Business Workshop

Leaders: Tim Frick

Principal /// Mightybytes

Vincent Siciliano 

President & CEO /// New Resource Bank

Saskia Van Gendt 

Captain Planet /// Method

Michael Whelchel 

Co-Founder & Managing Partner /// Big Path Capital

Start your journey in building a conscious business by first measuring what matters – the impact of your business on your workers, community, and the environment. This workshop will give you a chance to start that journey live with your peers using the Quick Impact Assessment, a free, online tool developed by B Lab and the B Corp community.

This exercise will be led by three leading businesses who will first share their own experience in measuring what matters and support you in starting your journey. Thereafter you’ll get access to results that help you see how you stack up with other companies. And lastly, our panelists will lead small group discussion with your peers to help digest those results and craft next steps.

This session is highly participatory – please bring your laptop to get the full experience! Offline methods of participating will also be provided.


Introducing Holacracy: A New Management System for Purpose-Driven Organizations

Leaders: Brian Robertson 

Co-Founder and Partner /// HolacracyOne

Organizations are the most powerful force for progress on the planet. Yet even the most consciously run business is often limited by an organizational structure that’s not designed to support a dynamic, purpose-driven company. Sometimes those within achieve great results despite the organization’s management structure, but rarely because of it – more often it subtly works against efforts to nurture a conscious, empowered culture. There has to be a better way.

Holacracy is a fundamentally different “operating system” for an organization, with a new approach to clarifying accountability, distributing power, and structuring an organization’s functions and flows. It operates without a traditional top-down management hierarchy, and yet its alternative approach to structuring a company allows the alignment, clarity, and rapid decision-making that are often lacking in “flat” organizations.

This session introduces the core principles and practices of Holacracy through presentation, Q&A, and stories of companies using the method. Participants will leave with a vision for a completely novel way to structure an organization, and key questions to consider around how their organization’s structure interplays with building a conscious culture and purpose-driven business.


Surfers, Skunks and Whelmers: Building an Accountable Culture

Leaders: Susan Reilly Salgado 

Managing Partner /// Hospitality Quotient

Do you have surfers? Those amazing, reliable employees who demonstrate the highest levels of accountability to the standards of excellence by modeling adaptability and athleticism in their work?

Do you have employees who are skunks? Those negative nellies who foul up the work environment – and need to be held accountable for their behavior?

How about Whelmers – those employees who never overwhelm you with how great they are or underwhelm you enough to make you fire them – they just ‘whelm’ all the time?

These three types of employees impact the quality of your workplace and have the ability to make or break your culture. Do you know how to deal with each?

One of the great challenges for organizations that seek to put their employees first is finding ways to hold teams accountable to the highest standards of excellence while still taking care of the team In this session, Susan will share some best practices for how to do just that – holding employees accountable to your standards, while still being “on their side” – whether you have skunks, surfers, or Whelmers on your team – so you can create an accountable culture that is positioned to succeed.


The Vulnerability Quotient: How to Leverage Your Company’s Humanity

Leaders: Corey Blake 

Founder & CEO /// Round Table Companies

Customers are looking to do business with brands that inspire them, that have good hearts, and that make them feel great about opening their wallets. And yet, we have been taught to focus on cleverness in our external communication for decades. We have been told that we have to use our brains to come up with smart campaigns that drive new business. But customers are demanding connection, and that is an exercise that begins with the hearts of our leaders.

In this new age, we have an opportunity to share the truth around our beliefs and values and where they originated. To share the stories of the loving people who power our businesses and the loving customers we are working to serve. We have a responsibility to invite the world into the “why” behind our businesses and into the “who” that wakes up each day to make a difference.

This workshop will awaken you to the language of your truth. It will develop your ability to connect quickly and deeply with stakeholders through your humanity. It will help you explore potential topics around which to create vulnerable content. It will educate you about the ecosystem that builds legitimate relationships between brands and customers. And it will enhance your usage of vulnerability to emotionally connect your brand with its core customers.


Everybody Matters – The Only Business Case With Truly Unlimited Potential

Leaders: Rhonda Spencer 

Chief People Officer /// Barry-Wehmiller

Matt Whiat 

Director, Outreach Programs /// Barry-Wehmiller

How do you transform an organization’s culture? Is it possible to awaken the people inside your business and create an environment in which they—and the business—can thrive? How do you bring about the “ultimate differentiator” as Raj Sisodia, author of Firms of Endearment and Conscious Capitalism, described what he saw at manufacturing firm Barry-Wehmiller: “The ultimate differentiator…is the amount of creative human energy that your enterprise is able to elicit and harness and channel. Passion and commitment…autonomy…love and not fear. Creating those conditions is essential for success in today’s world.” In this quick moving session, you will engage in a series of mini case studies to experience Barry-Wehmiller’s process for transforming culture with an unrelenting focus on the people. Spencer and Whiat share insights, anecdotes and hands-on tactics learned throughout Barry-Wehmiller’s expansion into a global firm comprised of 70-plus acquired companies–united by a single, vibrant, empowering culture. See how it is possible to unleash the potential within your team members–and ultimately your organization–by creating a culture in which everyone can thrive.


Moving to the Speed of Change: Experience Inspirational Leadership

Leaders: Julie Arsenault 

Leader – Governance, Culture, and Leadership Practice /// LRN

Shannon Litzenberger 

Shannon Litzenberger Contemporary Dance /// Artistic Director

Today’s economy calls for disruptive innovation over incremental advance. Instead of seeking a technological silver bullet to increase productivity (an artifact of an idea from the Industrial Era), organizations need to create healthy interdependencies of trust, loyalty, collaboration, and fearlessness in order to tap into their human potential that leads to groundbreaking innovation. Instead, most companies continue to focus almost exclusively on the outcomes – “throughput” – forgetting the human variable.

This workshop uses movement as a non-hierarchical, collaborative and intuitive process that provides an alternative approach to relating to others, an out of the box way of looking at more common working systems defined by status, competition and logic. Participants will have an opportunity to stretch beyond their perceptions of what is possible and be guided in a practice that will teach them how to pause and cultivate mindfulness and awareness, take more risks at work by standing in the face of fear, experiment using their creative process, while leading teams more collaboratively, cultivating high levels of trust within their organization.

Using a process of guided physical activities, this highly interactive and movement-based practicum aims to build a sense of personal expression, experimentation, mindfulness, collaboration and trust among the participants. We will explore concepts such as open focus, non-verbal communication, group decision-making, and self-awareness. The exercises are designed to be fun, creative, and inclusive of participants of all abilities. Introducing the participants to the behavioral qualities of inspirational leadership, creativity and innovation, the activities build on simple, quotidian movements like walking in space, with variations in speed, direction and quality, ensuring everyone is comfortable and capable of fully participating.

By offering this unique movement based approach, we provide a space for participants to naturally engage with their creative process, and foster an environment to experience and practice inspirational leadership behaviors. Participants will leave the workshop with a fresh lens of what is required of 21st Century leaders to create and sustain progressive and principled performance organizations.



Leaders: Manduka

Leader /// Manduka

Lourdes Paredes 

Founder, Yogini-in-Charge /// ILLUMINE

Alie McManus 

RYT 500 /// Freedom Yoga

This 45 minute Yoga session is intended for practitioners at all levels. Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice or discipline, that aims to transform body and mind.