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100% Responsibility: Enhancing Consciousness Inside Your Organization

Leaders: Anna McGrath 

Founder /// WonderWorks Consulting

Shereef Bishay 

Co-Founder /// Dev Bootcamp
If you believe in having fun as you learn new skills and conscious practices, this relevant interactive practicum is for you. Anna & Shereef who have consciousness running through their DNA will share the ‘Why’ and the ‘How’ of building conscious organizations.
A significant indicator of an organizations consciousness relates to employees willingness and ability to take 100% responsibility for their outcomes. So why aren’t more people in organizations willing to take responsibility?
Join Anna and Shereef as they explore the core reasons why people are hesitant to take responsibility at work (and play). These two successful Founders with decades of experience of building conscious organizations, and they want to share practical tools and shift moves that have reliably transformed individual and team behaviors within a variety of diverse organizations.
Participants will learn how to use 100% responsibility and authenticity to get out of drama and power struggles, to recognize and shift troublesome repeating behaviors that are holding you back, and to practice the skills required to take healthy responsibility.


Accelerating Business Growth through Conscious Leadership

Leaders: Brett Thomas 

Co-Founder, Stagen Leadership Academy /// Founder, Conscious Business Coalition

Conscious leadership—as one of the four pillars of conscious capitalism can be a tremendous source of leverage for small and mid-size businesses. In this highly interactive workshop, participants will learn some of the most successful methods the Stagen Leadership Academy has used to accelerate the social, emotional, and psychological growth of leaders, which in turn, can accelerate the growth of the business. Learn specific frameworks, practices and tools that small and mid-size company leaders use to inspire their workforce, get their message out to more people, and build a highly respected brand.



The Art & Science of Sustainable High Performance Fueling Human Capacity in a World of Infinite Demand

Leaders: Bob Chapman 

Chairman & CEO /// Barry-Wehmiller

Think for a moment about your typical workday. Do you wake up most mornings feeling sleep-deprived? Check your email before you get out of bed? Run from meeting to meeting with no time in between?

Do you find it impossible to keep up with the volume of email that floods into your inbox? Struggle to prioritize in the face of so many urgent demands? Feel as if you’re running near empty by the end of the day?
Demand is outpacing our capacity. The way we’re working isn’t working. Human beings aren’t designed to operate in the same way our computers do: at high speeds, continuously, for long periods of time, running multiple programs at the same time. It’s a time-bomb prescription for breakdown and burnout.
To thrive in in an ever more complex and demanding world, we must make a fundamental paradigm shift from managing our time, to managing our energy.
Time is finite, and most of us have none left to invest.  Energy – defined in physics as the capacity to do work — is something we can increase, regularly renew and use more efficiently.
We each have four core energy needs: physical (sustainability) emotional (security) mental (self-expression) and spiritual (significance).  The better we meet these needs, the healthier, happier, more focused and purposeful we become. The outcome is more sustainable high performance and greater overall satisfaction.


Big Muse

Leaders: Peter Himmelman 

Performer & Composer ///

We know that creativity and flexibility are key characteristics of successful Conscious Business. So how is creativity learned and acquired? We must start by unlearning the ways we’ve shut down our creative potential and stifled ourselves from childhood onward. Peter Himmelman will guide participants to connect with their natural creativity, quiet the ‘inner critic’ (that little voice inside that tells us we’re not good enough), and joyfully explore our creative potential.  Participants will approach the two main components of any successful organization: set structure and highly creative thinking, using songwriting as a metaphor.

Watch Perter’s video “Marv the Inner Critic”:

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Building a Values-based Culture

Leaders: Gayle Watson 

Chief Operating Officer /// People Ink

Linde Harned 

VP, Visionary of People /// People Ink

This interactive practicum is designed to give the participants the tools to develop a Values-based Culture. Participants will learn how to apply the principles from Ann Rhoades’ book, Built on Values: Creating an Enviable Culture that Outperforms the Competition. Participants will develop a Values Blueprint®, interviewing applicants based on Values, and reinforcing a culture around the Values. Participants will leave with an action plan to create a culture by design for their organization.


Changing the Game with Conscious Capitalism

Leaders: Laura Roberts 

Co-Founder & CEO /// Pantheon Enterprises

Pantheon Enterprises exists to change the way chemical companies do business, and
to sustain better life through Conscious Chemistry™.
Changing the way industry uses chemical products – from paints and other coatings, lubricants,
cleaners and many others – is a Herculean effort. Long held beliefs and relationships create
inertia that inhibits movement from using toxic chemicals that harm workers, natural ecosystems
and everyone who comes in contact with them, to using non-toxic chemicals – even if they are
more effective and cost less.
Learn how Pantheon Enterprises is employing the core principles of Conscious Capitalism –
Higher Purpose, a Stakeholder Orientation, Conscious Leadership and Conscious Culture –to
successfully changed long-standing beliefs and practices in several segments of the Industrial
Chemical marketplace and is working to transform the entire industry. And learn how you can
employ a similar approach to effect dramatic system-level change in your industry or
marketplace, and within your organization.


Conscious Capitalism and Biomimicry

Leaders: Chris Allen 

CEO & Co-Founder /// Biomimicry 3.8

Erin Meezan 

Vice President, Sustainability /// Interface

Ken McLellan 

Business Connection Leader /// Burt’s Bees
How can 3.8 billion years of natural systems intelligence accelerate our learning and leadership?
Humans are a young species on Earth and still have much to learn about interdependence and nature at all scales. The natural world offers a vast reference library of successful patterns and solutions that we can draw on to better design our organizations and conduct our personal lives.
Biomimicry is the conscious emulation of nature’s genius in designing human systems. This session explores how Biomimicry can create new insights and understanding aligning Conscious Capitalism with the power and wisdom of well-adapted natural systems. Participants will gain direct insights through hands on activity, investigating how natural models can guide better organizational strategy, structure, investment, innovation, and decision making.


Conscious Leadership: To Serve First

Leaders: Joe Iarocci 

CEO /// Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership

Participants in this session will explore Conscious Leadership through the frameworks developed by Robert K. Greenleaf, the founder of the modern servant leadership movement.  The philosophy and practice of servant leadership is founded on many of the principles highlighted in Conscious Capitalism such as valuing the stakeholder community, leadership as a journey, persuasion not coercion, and growing people. In this session participants will explore how organizations themselves can demonstrate servant leadership, leading to higher performance on multiple bottom lines.


Culture in Action: Achieving Alignment and Autonomy

Leaders: Mark Bonchek 

Founder /// ORBIT

Conscious leaders know that authority has its limits, but sometimes feel a tension between autonomy and alignment. You want to empower your people, but can’t have everyone going in all different directions. Purpose and values can be too broad, while policies and procedures can be too narrow. Is there a middle way? It turns out there is an answer, and it comes from some surprising places including the Navy Seals, flocks of birds, the U.S. Constitution, and Wikipedia. In this thought-provoking, hands-on session, learn how to create decision principles that connect to your higher purpose and put your culture into action. You will leave with practical insights for creating a more networked and collaborative organization.

Click here to see Mark’s video “The Social Leader”

Click here to read Mark’s article “Use Doctrine to Pierce the Fog of Business”

Disrupt & Delight: Using Humanity-Centered Design to Create Shared Value

Leaders: Raphael Bemporad 

Founding Partner /// BBMG

Like few times in history, a fundamental shift is upon us. A growing number of brands are designing smarter, safer and healthier solutions while a new generation of consumers is asking what really matters and creating new ways to do much more with much less.

Business strategy and success are increasingly defined by more scarcity, complexity and speed—as well as more creativity, innovation and participation. In this context, a number of profound and exciting questions emerge:
  • How might we design new business models driven by more than just consumption?
  • How might we unleash participation and co-creativity to deliver more value in more ways?
  • How might we create more meaning and a better quality of life for more people even as our economy shifts to meet nature’s limits?
Humanity-centered design places human aspiration and Jungian archetypes at the heart of innovation strategy, processes and protocols. With this as a guiding framework, BBMG will help participants create new opportunities to embed sustainability and social purpose in their businesses, products, services and engagement platforms to redefine value, inspire responsible growth and drive positive impact.


Elevating Your Business through Employee Engagement

Leaders: Katie Hunt-Morr 

Senior Manager, Values & Impact /// Etsy

After narrowly meeting the qualifying score to become a B Corp, over 130 Etsy employees gathered for a ‘hackathon for good’ to help improve the company’s social and environmental practices.  Using the B Corp assessment tool to identify areas for improvement, Etsy employees took ownership of improving and expanding their company’s impact initiatives.  From training marginalized craftspeople how to scale their ventures, to measuring their impact of their data centers, Etsy not only improved their B Corp evaluation scores, they elevated their business through employee engagement.  Join Katie Hunt-Morr, Senior Manager, Values & Impact, Etsy, and Hardik Savalia, Senior Associate with B Lab, to explore the frameworks through which you can use employee engagement to take your work, your company, and your culture to the next level through employee engagement.


Enabling the Full Release of Human Possibility

Leaders: Dale A. Herold 

Chief Customer Officer for EnPro /// President, Garlock family of companies

Do you believe you have the right to pursue your life’s vision and purpose while at work?  Do you and your company support this belief and put that to action?  At EnPro, they recognize that people learn and change from the inside of themselves, on their terms, based on their beliefs and mental models.  During this practicum, Dale will share with you how their global company is transforming to create a dual bottom line organization where they are not only succeeding financially, but at the same time, are actively working to enable the full release of human possibility in each and every one of their employees.  Don’t miss this this highly interactive session, as you will be sure to walk away with actionable insights to further transformation in your organization.


Engaging Your Stakeholders for Purpose Beyond Funding

Leaders: Danae Ringelmann 

Founder and Chief Development Officer /// Indiegogo

For companies to sustain a Conscious Business, there needs to be a focus on purpose beyond profit – and understanding of the importance of creating value for and engaging their stakeholders. Crowdfunding not only connects companies and people, but it provides companies with an outlet to empower and engage people – all of which are potential customers.

This session will explore and address how crowdfunding can help build a deeper purpose to Conscious Business.  Participants will learn how they can use crowdfunding as a way to engage with their customers for good and drive real change in the world.



Financing an Enterprise: It’s About People and Purpose not just the Numbers

Leaders: Bill Vogelgesang 

CEO and co-founder /// Candlewood Partners

Suzanne West 

President & CEO /// Imaginea Energy Corp
Stakeholder alignment is critical for the purpose-driven company but no one stakeholder can have a more adverse impact than unaligned financing partners. Participants will learn strategies for asking the right questions and examples for structuring successful partnerships with your financial stakeholders that can endure. When times are good investors and debt providers are along for the ride and happy to be there. When things get off of plan, and they always do, having an understanding with your capital providers of how you work through problems is key.
Join Bill Vogelgesang and his co-presenters – Suzanne West, a serial entrepreneur who has raised $350 million for her latest venture Imaginea Energy, and Vincent Siciliano, President & CEO of New Resource Bank equity analyst and an investment banker – as they share their stories, thoughts on best practices and perspective on where we are in the evolution of the capital markets and what that means for navigating a path that works for each company, and offer applicable best practices to navigating a path that works for your company.


Finding Your Inner Consciousness and Spreading the Vibe

Leaders: Jeffrey Sinelli 

Chief Vibe Officer /// Which Wich Superior Sandwiches

Join the Which Wich (WW) team as they share real-life examples of what can happen when an organization embraces a culture of consciousness. Which Wich Headquarters staff will share testimonials of how the brand culture has tangibly evolved to create a greater consciousness at WW, and a better business. You will explore through music, the psychology of vulnerability, and discovery, how by holding true to your convictions, you will see an exponential return more than any one quarter will bear. You will leave this session with your own personal course and chart of what consciousness looks like for you and your organization.


Foundation Principles in Action: The Container Store’s Key to Sustainable Success

Leaders: Audrey Robertson 

VP, Cultural Programs, Community Relations and Social Media /// The Container Store

With a perennial presence high on the FORTUNE “100 Best Places to Work” list and its leadership role in the Conscious Capitalism movement, The Container Store carries more than 35 years of cultivating a Conscious Business with it to CC 2014.

In this practicum, Audrey Robertson, TCS Vice President of Cultural Programs, Community Relations & Social Media, will share one of the core ingredients of TCS success: the clear articulation and whole-hearted embodiment of the company’s seven Foundation Principles – every day, by every employee, at every level of the company. In addition to providing a point of reference for making decisions, the Foundation Principles deeply inform the company’s culture and its ongoing relationships with its stakeholders.
After providing an overview of the Foundation Principles and their implications and applications, Audrey will guide participants to identify, articulate and apply their own equivalent foundation principles to inform decisions, culture, policy, practice and business.



Implementing a Cultural Leadership Model: Aligning Your Words with Actions

Leaders: Bill Withers 

Founder of ADAPT by Design /// Founder of acQuire Technology Solutions

Building a sustainable culture is very challenging. The Cultural Leader model was discovered empirically in the building of acQuire (Bill was a founder of acQuire). It was our way of connecting an employee to a leader within our company, based on a spiritual care basis, as well as a task and commercial basis. Participants in this session will be introduced to building a cultural leader framework and learn about the tools to support it. They will be able to obtain these tools for the use in their own organizations from the ADAPT by Design website so that they can align words and actions on Monday morning.


Inspirational Leadership in the Era of Behavior

Leaders: Julie Arsenault 

Leader – Governance, Culture, and Leadership Practice /// LRN

In our more interconnected and interdependent world, the governance structures, organization models, corporate cultures, and leadership styles that succeeded in the past are increasingly proving obsolete and inadequate. And it is particularly true for organizations that seek to inspire the kinds of elevated behaviors our 21st century world demands: collaboration, innovation, cooperation, creativity, discretionary effort, pride, etc. On this journey, a certain kind of leadership is needed – one that doesn’t coerce or motivate but one that inspires people and a company’s broader “ecosystem” to act in the common interest, in pursuit of a values-based mission, with a deeper commitment and purpose than shareholder interest.  These organizations must create freedom from restraints, excessive rules, needless hierarchy and superfluous policies and embrace freedom to unleash the very best in their people.

In this highly interactive and experience based session, participants will explore the concept of Inspirational Leadership: To guide and develop the kinds of game changing behaviors we need in a non-coercive way, using trust, and values to achieve mutual goals; achieving missions of significance through others rather than by exerting power over them.  Participants will learn techniques, approaches and tools that can help you have greater capacity to have impact; to align leadership and your broaden key stakeholders to embark on the journey toward or have a deeper commitment to creating values-based organizations.


Ingredients to a Culture of Excellence

Leaders: Josh Paine 

President /// CheapCaribbean.com

When employees are aligned and together pursue a worthy vision with a passionate sense of purpose, they all try harder to make it succeed. Employees become focused and fully engaged in the mission. They adapt to change with astounding nimbleness and become a continual source of creativity and innovation that fuels growth and value creation. In this practicum, Josh Paine, CEO and President of CheapCaribbean.com, will provide practical steps for activating the change process and developing a Conscious Culture of engaged employees that drive performance. Josh will address the common challenges to transforming culture and unveil his ingredients to a successful implementation.


Accelerating The Journey to Conscious Capitalism

Leaders: Timothy Henry 

Managing Partner /// Arete Management LLC

This is a session focused on the “how to” of accelerating the journey your organization is on towards Conscious Capitalism. Conscious Capitalism, Inc. is developing a practical, “hands on”, 2-day workshop for CEOs and their executive teams to work together to identify opportunities and commit to action to accelerate their Journey to Conscious Capitalism. Practically, the goal of the 2-day workshop is to identify 3-5 areas in which your team and organization can significantly improve how you operate your business within the framework of the four pillars of Conscious Capitalism. Come and get a preview of the 2-day workshop and work through an exercise on stakeholder orientation and thinking win-win; develop a 12-18 month action plan to move forward with one of your key stakeholders.

At the end of the practicum, you will have:

  • An understanding of where you are on the journey to Conscious Capitalism and what it means to take a holistic approach to transforming your organization
  • For one of your key stakeholders, a high-level implementation plan for the next 12-18 months on what it means to think win-win.
  • An overview of the “Accelerating the Journey to Conscious Capitalism” workshop and how this might be helpful to your organization in accelerating this journey.


Language, Accountability and Execution

Leaders: Barrett C. Brown

Ph.D, Consultant, Entrepreneur /// Dynamic Results, LLC


Over 70% of change initiatives fail. Less than 30% of the actions in strategic plans are ever fully implemented. The business community tends to be good at designing strategy and big change initiatives, but poor when it comes to going the final mile and fully executing them.

However, there are some teams that consistently implement over 85% of their strategic initiatives, and one of the keys to their success is their conscious, considered use of language. How we craft our commitments, how we respond after having failed to deliver, and how we approach tough conversations all indicate how conscious our communication is – and that is directly linked to our success. When a team aligns around using language that cultivates an accountable, conscious culture, then they execute more efficiently, have less drama, and deliver better results.
This workshop brings together best practices in conscious communication to support strategic implementation. Based upon decades of research and direct experience with dozens of companies and successful teams, this discussion will get you quickly up to speed on how to up-level your communication for optimum strategic impact.



Meetings that Don’t Suck

Leaders: Brian Robertson

Co-Founder and Partner /// HolacracyOne

Do people in your organization love meetings?  Do they seem an incredibly productive use of time? Despite best intentions and smart people, the answer is usually no – meetings often end up too long, too slow, somewhat painful, and mostly ineffective. They’re often seen as a necessary evil – and sometimes even the necessity is questioned.

Yet meetings don’t have to suck. The right ground rules and processes can transform your meetings into a remarkably efficient and productive process that people actually enjoy, with outputs that actually matter and move things forward in powerful ways.
This session offers a hands-on simulation of an alternate approach to running a meeting, drawn from practices and principles in Holacracy®, a novel “operating system” for conscious organizations. Rather than a full introduction to Holacracy, this session focuses just on the method’s “Tactical Meetings” – and how to separate tactical action-taking conversations from deeper issues of strategy or structure, without letting either distract from the other. For the full framing and high-level introduction to Holacracy, you’re invited to optionally attend the presenter’s other session before this one.


New Metrics for the New Enterprise: HOW Self-Conscious Organizations Achieve Sustainable Economic Value

Leader – Governance, Culture, and Leadership Practice /// LRN

Business is always about metrics and measurement, and we have evolved complex systems to measure the quantity and quality of what we do.  Yet, without question, our systems of measurement have often failed to take an in-depth look at key behaviors and the impact of behavior on business results.

In business, the old adage goes, you manage what you measure, and you measure what you value. New business models won’t be adopted until we change what we measure and we have a discussion of the kinds of values that we should use to gauge the state of our economic system and institutions. This transformation will require much more than a leap of faith by the investment community – it will need hard evidence that the new measures provide even greater indication of viability and success than those used previously.

This practicum will discuss the models, frameworks and tools at the basis of a new set of metrics created for a more fully human enterprise.  Participants will leave with a framework and a new approach to assessing the health of their own organizations.  By means of active participation and mutual engagement, the session will improve attendees’ understanding of the impact of behavior, as well as how they can help create a greater focus on values and the way things are done in their organizations.  Participants will also get acquainted with the steps that take organizations toward a more values-based governance, culture, and leadership super-system.


The Nature of Investing – Biomimicry, Investing, and Conscious Capitalism

Leaders: Chris Allen 

CEO & Co-Founder /// Biomimicry 3.8

Katherine Collins 

Founder and CEO /// Honeybee Capital


At its core, investing is an activity rooted in exchange, mutual benefit, and connection; it is a multidimensional endeavor, in service to our organizations, our communities, and our planet. However, most of our current investing tools focus on a transactional, linear, uni-dimensional view of investing, making optimal decision making more difficult.

Biomimicry is the conscious emulation of nature’s genius in designing human systems. Gathering nature’s wisdom as model, mentor, and muse for our investment processes presents tremendous opportunity to align investing, Conscious Capitalism and the power and wisdom of well-adapted natural systems.
This session will define investing broadly, as allocation of resources such as time, money, energy and human capital (not just finances). We will provide a brief introduction to biomimicry investing, highlighting how this approach can transform investment activity from synthetic to organic, from rigid to resilient, from mechanical to mindful.


Personal Mastery in the Practice of Conscious Capitalism

Leaders: Jimmy Carter 

Client Partner – Americas /// Effective Leaders International

Intentionally linking the growth of individuals with the growth of an organization is central to the paradigm of conscious capitalism.  The energetic source of sustained inspired performance in these enterprises, and in fact any enterprise, is the practice and fostering of personal mastery (PM).  In fact, without personal mastery there can be no truly shared vision, no alignment of purpose, nor common culture or values.  Without PM there can be no “consciousness” in the “capitalism.”!


But what is personal mastery?  What is it not?  How is it applied in key organizational process such as talent management, customer retention, teamwork, or day-to-day interactions?  What is its role for leaders at all levels?


In this highly interactive session, we will deepen participants’ understanding and use of classic personal mastery, as taught by one of its progenitors, Robert Fritz the author of The Path of Least Resistance.  We will focus on the four tenets: Life Postures, The Path of Least Resistance, Creative vs. emotional tension, and accountability & responsibility.


More than a quarter of the time will be dedicated to group conversation, participant-based examples, and application.  Some familiarity with the subject is useful but not necessary.


PURPOSE. The most powerful engine for creating a high-performing, highly-aligned organization.

Leaders: Haley Rushing 

Co-Founder & Chief Purposologist – The Purpose Institute /// SVP & Chief Planning Officer, GSD&M


One of the central tenets of Conscious Capitalism is having a Purpose beyond making money. In this interactive workshop, Haley will give a brief presentation on the power of purpose to drive a host of benefits including organizational alignment, employee engagement and marketplace performance.   She’ll share best practices from several of the companies she’s worked with including Southwest Airlines, Whole Foods Market, Interstate Batteries and GE.   You’ll then dive-in to a series of exercises designed to help you think about the deeper purpose of your work and how you might begin bringing it to life in your organization.


Power & Consciousness: How To Be Powerful Without Being a Jerk

Leaders: Dave Kashen 

Founder, Quantum Leading /// Co-founder of MeetingHero

Power has gotten a bad wrap in recent history. It invokes images of corrupt politicians, tyrannical rulers and greedy corporative executives. But being powerful is one of the most fundamental aspects of being an effective leader. Join Dave Kashen to explore what power really means, where it comes from, and what makes some leaders more powerful than others. Participants will walk away with a felt sense of their own power, greater clarity about how they inadvertently undermine their power, and developed strategies for how to have the impact they want on those around them and to inspire people to action.


Raising Capital for Your Conscious Business

Leaders: Eric Jacobsen 

Managing Partner /// Dolphin Capital

If you are going to build a fully human organization, you need all key stakeholders to share the vision, including your capital partners. As an entrepreneur, Eric Jacobsen has raised over $200mm from many different areas of finance — venture capital, private equity, banks, alternative lenders, and more, and has invested over $100mm – much of this in conscious businesses.  Eric will share his experiences and lessons of raising money and investing in companies for the past 30 years in an interactive work session.  Participants will gain insight into how to think about the process of raising money, where to go, how to position your company, which types of investors might be interested, and when to avoid raising money at all.


The Renewing Organization

Leaders: Joseph Jaworski 

Founder and the Chairman /// Generon International and the Global Leadership Initiative

Susan Taylor 

Managing Director /// Generon International

Dale A. Herold 

Chief Customer Officer for EnPro /// President, Garlock family of companies

Today, leaders and their organizations are facing profound change and rising complexity, accelerating at a scale, intensity and speed never experienced before. To respond to this challenge, our institutions must be led by an advanced generation of leaders – The Renewing Leader (Stage IV Leaders).

In this highly interactive session, participants will explore the models of “Stage IV Leadership” and the “Renewing Organization.” Generon will present its framework for what is required to become a Stage IV Organization (“4 Circles”), providing an overview in each of four areas. Dale Herold of EnPro Industries will join the practicum, sharing his general reflections about each of the 4 areas; how Generon’s approach was implemented in his organization; what worked; and what didn’t.

After a brief Q&A session, participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their own relationship to each of the “4 Circles” in both life and work, and take a deeper dive via paired dialogue to expand their understanding of the implications of the framework, sharing practical experiences to apply to what they’ve learned.


Service Engagement: Attracting, Developing and Retaining Talent, While Benefitting the Community

Leaders: Adrienne Schmoeker 

Talent Solution Lead /// Catchafire 

But, how can you tap into the ambitions and desires of employees to engage with and impact their communities? In this practicum we will explore successful models, common challenges, and hands on practice designing a corporate culture for engagement and impact with community partners or stakeholders.


Systems Thinking: A Language and “Power Tool” for Stakeholder Integration

Leaders: Jimmy Carter 

Client Partner – Americas /// Effective Leaders International

Simply, stakeholder integration generates value when parties productively cooperate.  Cooperation demands a common language to achieve a shared understanding and to take coordinated action.  Systems Thinking is that language. In this highly interactive session, participants will deepen their ability to understand and apply Systems Thinking to their stakeholder integration issues – even those that may seem intractable.  More than a quarter of this session will be dedicated to case studies and application.



Transforming the Inner Landscape

Leaders: Tara Sheahan

Co-Founder /// Conscious Global Leadership

Julie Meissner 

Chief Operation Officer /// San Francisco Sentry

Our whole life is relationship, and the potential for remarkable ones is a matter of choice.  From creating something remarkable with a new business partner, to enhancing what we have with a life partner, the way we interact can come from a place of judgment or joy.

Why do we perceive that by changing others’ behaviors, habits, and actions, we can feel more comfortable and carefree?  ‘If only they understood how hard I work, I would be making what I deserve!’  ‘Why doesn’t he/she pay more attention to me when we’re together…I never feel important. Our assumptions and perceptions can create problems that moments before didn’t exist.  So how do we shift our inner dialogue?  Observe!
This practicum will examine certain patterns of thinking we’ve been stuck in, and through a very powerful mindfulness training session – breath and visualization, sound and focus – we’ll relook at the way we frame situations to move from frustration to peace, anxiety to joy, and judgment to forgiveness.  This exercise will allow us to be more intuitive, and to actualize the vision we desire in relationships.  By observing the mind in action, we can spot those negative thoughts, gain insight and a sense of humor about where they came from, and let them go.
When we realize we have a choice on how to respond to situations, we’ll make more conscious, playful outcomes that have an extraordinary ripple affect, inside and out.


Transforming your Organization

Leaders: Rhonda Spencer 

Chief People Officer /// Barry-Wehmiller
How do you transform an organization’s culture? Is it possible to awaken the people inside your business and create an environment in which they—and the business—can thrive? How do you bring about the “ultimate differentiator” as Raj Sisodia, author of Firms of Endearment and Conscious Capitalism, described what he saw at manufacturing firm Barry-Wehmiller: “The ultimate differentiator…is the amount of creative human energy that your enterprise is able to elicit and harness and channel. Passion and commitment…autonomy…love and not fear. Creating those conditions is essential for success in today’s world.”
In this quick moving session, you will engage in a series of mini case studies to experience Barry-Wehmiller’s process for transforming culture. Spencer shares insights, anecdotes and hands-on tactics learned throughout Barry-Wehmiller’s expansion into a global firm comprised of 60-plus acquired companies–united by a single, vibrant, empowering culture. See how it is possible to unleash the potential within your team members–and ultimately your organization–by creating a culture in which everyone can thrive!



Leaders: Brent Laffoon 

Yoga Instructor ///

Mary Beth LaRu 

Yoga Instructor ///

This 75 minute Yoga session is intended for practitioners at all levels.

Brent Laffoon is one of the top yoga instructors in Los Angeles. His easy-going personality, encouraging attitude and enthusiasm for the practice have made his classes popular among yogis of all levels.
Mary Beth LaRue is a yoga teacher and life coach whose mission is to lead people to their bliss, whether it’s through a sweaty yoga practice, a gratitude meditation, or a conversation over coffee about life goals.