Susie Saxten


Susie Saxten is Chairman of the Board and Director of Legacy of Aloha of T S Restaurants. You may be tempted to cross out the “man” in chairman, but it has sentimental value. Her father and co-founder of T S, Sandy Saxten, held the title for over thirty years. As Chairman, Susie transformed the board from an advisory board to a professional fiduciary board. Under her leadership, the board has developed a comprehensive strategic growth plan, aligned with T S’ mission and values.

Legacy of Aloha (LOA) refers to T S’ company-wide philanthropic program and foundation. LOA existed as a grassroots effort since T S’ founding in 1977. As Director, Susie has worked to focus restaurant giving and established the foundation to make LOA more targeted and impactful. She also founded T S’ scholarship, and its disaster relief program, A Generous Slice of Hula Pie.

Susie graduated with honors from Stanford University. After graduating, she worked as a Senior Consultant for a firm that specialized in technology solutions for nonprofit organizations. Susie saw an opportunity to apply her expertise to the Legacy of Aloha program at T S, which ultimately drew her back to the company that she grew up in.

In her free time, Susie loves reading, gardening, running and camping with her fiancé and their German Shepherds, Sadie and Benny. She has also taken up off-road rallying and competes as a navigator in multiday, all-female rallies in Morocco, and across the southwestern United States.