Shereef Bishay is the co-founder of Dev Bootcamp, a new, innovative social enterprise that teaches web development to tech enthusiasts, using Ruby on Rails. The program values learning by building and doing and is designed to make graduates job-ready by the end of the 9 week, hands-on intensive training program. The company is headquartered in San Francisco with additional locations in Chicago and New York City.
Bishay made a leap into the non-profit world working as a challenge leader for the youth organization, Challenge Day. By 2009, Bishay co-founded, a web-based project management software for peer-to-peer focused companies that aimed to be more agile, resilient, innovative, and egalitarian through the Open Enterprise model. Bishay’s exciting Open Enterprise initiatives caught the attention of the global think tank program TEDx in 2011.
Today, Bishay continues to advocate for this emerging community engagement and participatory model, which is his solution to rigid hierarchies. His vision is for everyone to have access to life-affirming work that engages people’s passion, purpose and potential— which altogether inspires productivity and excitement within the workplace and within society. Bishay lives with his wife and two sons in Lagunitas, CA.