Pamela is an international Leadership Development Consultant, dynamic facilitator, course designer and innovative leader in organizational and corporate culture change. Collaborating with executives at a senior level, her focus is on corporate culture transformation, innovation and inclusion using an experiential, conscious and humanistic approach. Pamela has over 15 years experience in international sales and multicultural relationship management both within organizations and as an entrepreneur.

Pamela firmly believes that the distinction between work and life is a false polarity. Life is happening all of the time and true Leadership is about taking responsibility for what you are creating, reconnecting to your inner core, your humanness and authentically honoring your values. Much of her work focuses on the belief that successful and sustainable culture change is more than savvy internal communications; sustainable change requires a cosmic shift in the way leaders demonstrate the core values of an organization in their day to day leadership.

Pamela received her professional coach training from the Coaches Training Institute in San Francisco, California, and is a proud graduate of their intensive Leadership program.  Pamela is a respected member of their faculty and dedicated trainer of aspiring coaches.  She is a PCC credentialed member of the International Coaches Federation. Pamela graduated Magna Cum Laude with degrees in Psychology and Business Management from Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia.  Native English Speaker and fluent in Swedish, Pamela has lived In Switzerland, France, the US, and Sweden. Pamela currently shares her time between Sweden and the US. She is a proud mother of four, an avid chef, and world traveler.