Neil Wengerd

Partner + Creative Director

, Nonfiction

Neil Wengerd is a partner and creative director at Nonfiction, a brand and design agency for clients with optimism, soul, and a story to tell. Above all, Nonfiction asks “what if?” to shape what’s next. Neil’s practice combines a thoughtful approach to problem-solving, a unique instinct for design, and a down-to-earth attitude. Neil’s work has been recognized internationally. He’s developed brands for scrappy startups, rowdy iconoclasts, established juggernauts, and everything in between.

Neil learned the power of hard work from his coal-mining and woodworking family. He earned his degree in visual communication design from Kent State University and cut his chops building brands for higher ed. Beyond creative work, he’s known for making obscure movie references, always having a stack of unread books near by, and having every Seinfeld episode memorized.