Nathaniel McCall

Recruiting Manager

, Improving - Houston

Nathaniel McCall (he goes by Nat) is the recruiting manager at Improving – Houston. He has 15ish years of technical recruiting experience including several years recruiting for the aerospace industry. He is a consummate nerd, loves reading Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels, homebrewing, and he plays the drums and D&D on the weekends. His passion is people and the culture that improves their lives, helping to build and maintain Improving’s status as one of Houston’s best places to work.

Nat was first exposed to Conscious Capitalism when he joined Improving in 2018. Able to see the difference working at a Conscious Capitalism company has made in his own life Nat is dedicated to sharing knowledge about the value that adopting Conscious principals can make on any company, in any industry.

He teaches the Trust Foundations class to Improving’s consultants and has contributed several articles on Trust Behaviors and Conscious Capitalism.