Mike Maddock inspires and empowers curiosity within companies and makes even his most conservative clients more agile, so they perform like there are revolutionary, forward ­thinking entrepreneurs in every department.

Mike’s role is to light a fire under leaders who are committed to driving industry­changing ideas to market. He empowers curiosity inside his own company and inside yours, demonstrating how to create and deliver your next big idea with fanfare and spectacular results by embracing opportunities for change and exploration.

With his natural leadership style, Mike inspires your audience to strive for a bigger vision and to execute to the highest possible standards. He helps your leaders to set ambitious personal and professional goals, to express their ideas with conviction, to obtain buy ­in for their ideas, and to confront obstacles and overcome them decisively.

Mike’s adventurous spirit will thrill and incite leaders to stay sharply focused on their aspirations with unwavering confidence, while helping their team to understand expectations and giving them the tools to support the leaders’ goals, so the team can see the grand vision clearly and formulate a solid plan for how to get there.