Michael is an event producer and project consultant with years of successful experience in event production, systems development, financial oversight, and strategic planning for both the for profit and nonprofit sectors.

He has orchestrated numerous events ranging from executive leadership meetings, to large scale community events with over 100,000 attendees. Michael strives to deliver positive, memorable experiences to clients and guests. His expertise moves freely from strategy to content to execution.

Michael has worked with a wide range of clients, including SunPower, Dell, Belcampo Meat Co., Verizon Wireless, the Food Craft Institute, and the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival.

He describes himself as a team player, proactive problem solver, efficiency enthusiast, and consummate learner.

Michael received his BS in Communication with a Liberal Arts emphasis in Math and Science from Boston University. He seeks to create a balance between technology, an urban lifestyle, and time in nature. Michael enjoys a range of physical activities. Those include yoga, kickboxing, surfing, and backcountry wilderness excursions. Michael has lived in Boston, San Diego, Boulder, and currently calls San Francisco home.

Get It Done

As Conscious Capitalists, our team members recognize that conscious
leadership is a process of continual improvement. We recognize everyone on
our team as a leader and our leadership principles guide us as we strive,
individually and together, to improve ourselves daily. We seek to recognize
and celebrate our leaders when they exemplify our principles in action. For
this purpose, we have created an award to recognize and honor our leaders
in a public forum and hold them up as examples of true conscious
leadership. This month, we recognize Michael Higgs for his commitment the
Leadership Principle: Get It Done.

This Leadership Principle is based on the simple truth that speed matters
in business. Wherever there is an opportunity to make quick, informed
decisions we should do so with the knowledge that we don’t need to study
every single decision before taking action – some decisions are immediately
actionable, putting us closer to our goal of serving our stakeholders.

Demonstrating a special blend of mindfulness and decision-making – Michael
Higgs is tuned-in to the rhythm of the world around him and knows how to
listen to his gut when it comes to moving actionable tasks from the “To Do”
to the “Done” list in a timely fashion. He understands the necessity of
this principle and has demonstrated a get it done approach for our whole
team - inspiring us to follow his lead. Please join us in celebrating
Michael for his exemplary capacity in the Leadership Principle Get It Done!