Mark Grannis is a co-founder of Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis LLP, where he has been unconsciously practicing conscious capitalism since 1998. Starting with six lawyers, two paralegals, and a secretary—in week-to-week office space—the firm has grown to 47 lawyers and 23 other staff members, all passionately committed to client service, collegiality, professional excellence, strong and cooperative relationships, and balanced lives. The firm shares profits throughout the organization, which keeps everyone invested in the firm’s success. Not a single lawyer has ever left HWG to go to another D.C. law firm.

Mark also handles a wide variety of litigation, regulatory, and appellate matters for his clients, in numerous federal and state courts and administrative agencies. His engagements run the gamut from commercial litigation to family trust administration to privacy and civil rights, most notably including a six-year crusade to win a sizable settlement and complete exoneration for an innocent biomedical researcher who was falsely and very publicly accused of committing the 2001 anthrax attacks. He also works as a mediator, mediating several cases per month through the D.C. Superior Court Multi-Door Dispute Resolution Program.