Kim Brizzolara

Kim Brizzolara is a film producer, and private investor; and serves as advisor to several non-profit organizations. She is Executive Vice Chair of the Hampton’s International Film Festival, where in 1999, she co-founded the signature program “Films of Conflict & Resolution”, which she continues to oversee. Ms. Brizzolara serves on the boards of the We are Family Foundation, Creative Visions, Blade of Grass, The Sunny Center in Ireland for exonerees, and the Women’s Leadership Board at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

She started her career as a journalist with the Philadelphia Inquirer, and later worked with Kerry Kennedy at the Robert Kennedy Center for Human Rights, where she began to focus on the area of international conflict resolution. She then served as a grants maker for the Threshold Foundation, where she designated funds to nonprofit organizations that focus on peace and national security issues; as acting director of the Coexistence Center at Baruch College School of Public Affairs, which focused on conflict resolution, race relations, ethnic diversity, and equity in the academic environment and in the community; and worked in fund-raising and wrote position papers for various political campaigns.