As Operational Excellence Leader, Katarina helps align the words and deeds of her company’s culture and values with the practical applications of Lean manufacturing/TPS (Toyota Production System). She understands and has seen a disconnect and a large gap between a company’s strategies and the realities of their business operations. That gap prevents many companies from improving, growing and connecting with their team members.

With her MS from Northwestern in Integrated Marketing Communications she began her career on the business and brand strategy side, helping companies articulate their direction, but quickly saw that the operations side wouldn’t let them deliver on any of the promises. Katarina pivoted mid-career to more operational role that allowed her to bridge the gap between strategy and how a company actually implements it in their operations. Katarina has built her brand on helping organizations link what they envision with what they can achieve by helping empower team member to bridge the gap.

Katarina is uniquely adept at this transformational alignment with her degrees in psychology and integrated marketing communications as well as being certified in Six-Sigma Black Belt and Lean Office Facilitation from University of Michigan – you might say she knows people and companies inside and out. Since joining Ace Metal Crafts in 2012, Katarina helps continue to build the company’s culture and realize the true operational value of its continuous improvement and Ace’s most valuable asset – their team members.