Julie Meissner is the COO of San Francisco Sentry, a wealth management firm that focuses beyond the traditional when investing for their clients.  A client’s passion may lead us to explore the potential behind a diverse landscape of opportunities that range from fine art to sports teams as an investment.
Meissner came to wealth management after realizing that the yelling at the Pacific Options Exchange was not the environment she envisioned for her future years in finance.  Disillusioned by her early experience of the world of finance, Meissner searched for another way.  As a result she became an avid student of yoga and mindfulness and momentarily entertained the idea of leaving business behind to study acupuncture.  She found that these practices radically shifted her daily experience of work and life.
Meissner has a deep passion for the connection point between health, meditation, yoga, and mindful leadership.   She is moved to infuse mindful action into finance and help others find their inner brilliance to lead effectively.  She is thankful to be on this journey with her beautiful daughter and husband who are daily reminders to live in this perfect moment.