Julie Arsenault is part of LRN’s Global Advisory Services practice group that helps leaders actively shape and manage the governance, culture, and leadership systems that animate behavior within their organizations. She leads an innovation/creativity workshop that sometimes call upon the arts to enhance organizational performance.

Arsenault’s diverse experience across law, business and coaching uniquely positions her you to help organization orchestrate fundamental change. She started over fifteen years ago as a corporate lawyer specializing in securities law and merger and acquisitions with an international law firm based in Montreal. In 2000, she decided to reorient her career after completing an MBA in international business development and strategic management working with international retail chains. After working alongside executives for over fifteen years, she has, for the past decade, been actively focused on leadership development, executive coaching, cultural transformation, culture assessments and team dynamics. And has been part of conceiving and facilitating transformation projects in several multi national organizations.

She has a Degree in both Civil and Common Law from the University of Ottawa, Canada, and graduated with an MBA from the University of British Columbia and London Business School (International Exchange Program).