JP Laqueur

JP Laqueur chairs the board of Conscious Capitalism NYC. Initially drawn to the movement in 2015, he believes passionately that free-market capitalism can be the planet’s greatest force for good – if it evolves consciously. The CC framework aligns with JP’s work at BrandFoundations a firm he co-founded to help mid-sized enterprises ($25-500M revenue, 100-1000+ employees) to unlock the value of their two biggest intangible assets: brand and culture. Sought out by private equity sponsors and purpose-driven CEOs – especially those who are rapidly pivoting, growing or transforming as a result of M&A – JP helps develop powerful brand stories that energize a company’s culture, create competitive separation, and enhance exit valuation. JP holds a BA in Political Science from Hobart College. He lives in Westchester with his wife and two teenage children and can is an avid skier, biker, and hiker.