Jimmy Carter is a veteran in the field of organizational effectiveness and leading sustained inspired performance. With nearly twenty-five years of experience, his clients include Sun Microsystems, McKesson Health Care Solutions, Marks & Spencer, Shell Oil, Coca-Cola, and BHP Billiton. He is known for his interactive style, cajoling skepticism, and tenacity of pursuit.


With Pecos River Learning Centers and Innovation Associates/A.D. Little – cofounded by The Fifth Discipline author Peter Senge, Carter designed and implemented experientially-based, best practice learning events for more than 15,000 participants from Fortune 500 companies.


With Covidien, a $13B/year medical device company, he supported the successful completion of over 45 high risk / high value projects around the world, and in the process, developed a cadre of leaders at all levels.


As a Client Partner at Effective Leaders International, he guides the delivery of superior business results using proven methods such as Six-Sigma/Lean Process Improvement, G.E. based Work-Out Problem Solving, and Organizational Learning-Systems Thinking.