As a Parent, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and CEO, Jason Scott’s PURPOSE is to teach the world to build efficiently and cost effectively. To enable his clients to build the best products for their customers, create meaningful jobs that his employees love, and run a company for his shareholders’ that does more for the world than generate profits and dividends.
In 2000, at the age of 27, he founded 120VC. Jason has been responsible for the success of several hundred million in portfolio for 120VC clients. Developed the 120VC practice standards, and trained hundreds of Project Portfolio Management practitioners. Jason is the author of the “The Irreverent Guide to Project Management” and is a frequent guest lecturer at the USC Marshall School of Business and a highly sought public speaker.
In 2013, Jason launched the 120VC Foundation. The Foundation is a non-profit focused on training transitioning armed forces members and under-employed Project Portfolio Management Practitioners in Project Management best practices. The Foundation volunteers train program participants, develop relationships with local business, and schedule interviews for Foundation Program graduates at no cost to the hiring organizations or the program participants.
Jason is grateful to the 120VC Foundation volunteers, his entire team, his clients and his shareholders, because they allow him to realize his PURPOSE every day