Haby Barry


Haby is the Founder of Fulaba, a boutique jewelry brand that provides timeless jewelry from African high culture. Fulaba has been featured in several publications including Allure and Essence magazines. In addition to Haby’s work as a jewelry designer, she is an entrepreneurial marketer with over 12 years of experience building brand engagement and growth in B2B & B2C across industries such as tech, advertising, gaming, media, non-profit, music, entertainment, consumer goods and e-commerce.

In everything she does, Haby is motivated to help others to strive to reach their God-given potential. She is all about activities that support raising our consciousness as human beings and living a purposeful life.

Haby is an avid traveler and lover of the arts with a great appreciation for live music and authentic cuisines. She also embraces an active lifestyle and has completed two triathlon races. She is proficient in French and conversational in Japanese and Spanish.

Haby holds a Bachelor’s of Music degree from NYU where she graduated cum laude studying Music Business.