Guided by an inimitable desire to lead human beings to thrive, Emily Price has discovered that Conscious Capitalism is the global path forward. She has learned through both personal and professional experiences how suited conscious business practices are to elevating humanity, empowering communities, and transforming the world. Emily is wholly driven to support individuals and organizations to do just that — leverage business as a force for good.

Graduating from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor’s in Health Sciences and a Master’s degree in Health Promotion, Emily furthered her education with a minor in Nutrition and a Graduate Certificate in Public Health. Her passion for total wellbeing led her to pursue a career in corporate wellness prior to joining the CCI team. Her obsession with organizational culture and development fuels her involvement in the Kansas City community where she and her husband Michael reside.

In her spare time, she loves to uplift others by instructing yoga classes, facilitating workshops, and making personal connections at every opportunity. Backcountry hiking, international travel, group fitness workouts and perfecting her french press coffee help Emily maintain an active lifestyle all while somehow keeping the ‘majority’ of her houseplants alive.

Resourcefulness Award

As Conscious Capitalists, our team members recognize that conscious leadership is a process of continual improvement. We recognize everyone on our team as a leader and our leadership principles guide us as we strive, individually and together, to improve ourselves daily. We seek to recognize and celebrate our leaders when they exemplify our principles in action. For this purpose, we have created an award to recognize and honor our leaders in a public forum and hold them up as examples of true conscious leadership. We are delighted to recognize Emily Price for her excellence in displaying the Leadership Principle: Resourcefulness.

This Leadership Principle is based on the exciting idea that using your skills, strengths, and life experiences to solve challenging problems is not only efficient; it's personally and professionaly invigorating. Resourcefulness is not a chore; it's an opportunity to bring the best of yourself to any challenge and to learn, grow, and experience a well-earned accomplishment.

Emily is a master of resourcefulness! Using her creativity, passion for the work of the Chapters, and excitement when it comes to find new ways to approach impacting the movement through Chapters, Emily is a shining example of Resourcefulness. An asset to the CCI team as well as to the 5 Chapter Leadership Teams she supports, Emily loves the challenging work she does and brings her whole self to every opportunity to learn, grow, and accomplish great things for our Conscious Capitalism community. Please join us in celebrating Emily for her inspiring capacity in the Leadership
Principle of Resourcefulness!