Doug Levy

Doug Levy’s passion is leading companies that change things. He is Founder and CEO of sharing economy start-up, TapGoods, and Cloud management leader, Technology Spa. He’s also co-author of Can’t Buy Me Like: How Authentic Customer Connections Drive Superior Results.

Doug’s start-up, TapGoods, enables people to rent what they need and return it when they’re done — savings lots of money and space — or earn some easy money by renting out what they’re not using. TapGoods helps its users get more use out of the goods that so often sit idle in garages, storage closets and attics.

Technology Spa supports its clients in fully leveraging the benefits of the private, public, and hybrid Cloud. We help clients plan for, move to, and operate in Cloud environments that maximize the potential of business systems for uptime, cost savings, and, perhaps most importantly, peace of mind – hence, our company name, Technology Spa.

Doug serves as co-Chairman of the Board of Conscious Capitalism, Inc., and chair of the organization’s annual CEO Summit.