Rooted in a troubling cycle of poverty and incarceration, Dion Drew was determined to make a change. After completing a 4-year prison sentence in 2008, the Yonkers native vowed to make a better life for himself.  When he was unable to find an employer willing to look past his criminal record, Dion struggled with returning to his old ways.  With no other options available, Dion put his name on Greyston Bakery’s waiting list.  

In 2009, Greyston Bakery’s unique Open Hiring™ model gave Dion his second chance. He joined the Greyston team as an Apprentice Baker and has been at Greyston ever since. Through his tenacity and strong work ethic Dion has received numerous promotions: today, he proudly leads bakery employees as a Supervisor and Trainer.  

Dion has shared his inspiring journey at the United Nations and TED@Unilever. He has also been featured on the TODAY Show and in A Path Appears, the New York Times best-selling book by co-authors Sheryl Wudunn and Nicholas Kristof. Most recently, his story was shared with over three million viewers by Upworthy.

He is a constant champion of Open Hiring and is working to bring the model to the global stage.