Brian Fippinger, Managing Director of Q4 Consulting, Inc, brings a combination of business leadership, somatic coaching, improvisation experience and the curiosity of a lifelong learner to his work of coaching individuals and teams through transformations.

With 35 years in business, much of it spent in leadership roles at companies such as GE, AT&T, Microsoft, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young and Deloitte & Touche, Brian brings a firsthand knowledge of what it takes to lead organizations and individuals through turbulent times. Tying this background to his creativity, honed during his time teaching Improv for Business at Second City and leading an improv troupe, Brian creates and facilitates customized coaching programs to fit where his clients
are in the moment, whether one-on-one or in organizations.

Along the path Brian has played many roles, in many diverse environments. From Actor to Clerk, to Project Manager, to Engineer, to Market Analyst, to Senior Manager, to General Manager, to (finally) Executive and Organizational Coach Brian has learned a great deal each step of the way. This background, along with his Somatic Coaching certification from the Strozzi Institute, the acknowledged leader in this field, is what he brings to his coaching and leadership training. He is someone who has sat in the chair of those he is coaching.

Brian is the author of nine stage plays and a book on Improvisation. He is also an oft-quoted writer on conscious transitions and transformation.