Amy Powell is the co-founder of Conscious Capitalism’s Australian Chapter, which was the first group to be given full Chapter status in 2012. Together with the Australian start-up team, she has taken the chapter from a “twinkle in the eye” to a dynamic, active community of nearly 1400 people.  She is currently an Executive Team Member and Board Member in CC Australia.

In her day job, Amy coaches senior leaders in Australian organizations, working closely with them as they make the transition from traditional leadership approaches to new ways of leading: Leadership that’s centered around Purpose, with love and care for customers, teams, and external stakeholders, reaping the rich rewards that come from creating a conscious culture.

Amy achieves measurable breakthroughs in culture by partnering with businesses to design change programs that eliminate what’s not working in their culture, and create a new reality.  She supports this through individual, team and group coaching. Amy draws on all Conscious Capitalism principles in her work, and uses the Barrett Culture Transformation Tools to support and measure progress.