Amber Gough


Amber Gough is the Founder of Talent Fusion Point, a San Diego based purpose-driven executive staffing firm. As a social impact entrepreneur, Amber is passionate about “Connecting People & Making a Difference.” For over 17 years, she has helped business leaders secure top talent and build winning teams with a united purpose. She believes that cultivating teams with a common goal and driven by a higher purpose, uniquely positions organizations for greater long-term success.

As a military spouse, she is actively involved in serving the veteran and military family community through volunteering with such organizations as, The Rosie Network, SDMAC, Fleet Week San Diego, NSW Sisterhood, and The Honor Foundation. Amber has always been driven by a higher purpose of connecting and serving others in her personal and professional life.

While she enjoys many activities such as kick-boxing, lounging on the beach, traveling, and socializing with friends and family; most of Amber’s free time is spent serving and enjoying her large blended family of five children, two dogs, and an active duty Navy husband.