Amanda Conley Ayers believes in human exceptionalism – the idea that ordinary people are capable of doing extraordinary good things. She sees business, particularly conscious business, as one of the most efficient vehicles for the expression of human exceptionalism. Amanda believes that Conscious Capitalism provides a framework that creates opportunities for ordinary people to access authentic happiness by utilizing their unique talents and experience, challenging themselves to be better than expected, working with people to create strong relationships, participating in a goal that is bigger and more important than themselves, enjoying the experience of hard work and competition, and experiencing the joy of accomplishing great things.

Amanda is a graduate of the very first Master of Applied Positive Psychology Program at the University of Pennsylvania, where she studied the science of well-being under the tutelage of Dr. Martin E. P. Seligman. Her work to date focuses on the impact of emotional skills, engagement, resilience, and leadership on individual, organizational, and community excellence. An editor of the Oxford University Press’s The Oxford Handbook of Happiness, Amanda possesses a comprehensive understanding of the psychology of happiness and its many applications. She has worked with organizations across the country to help empower individuals with the practical and emotional skills necessary to be flexible, creative, and active in their communities, so that they may achieve authentic happiness.

Amanda lives in New Jersey with her husband and two children. When she’s not enjoying time with her family, you will find her living out her childhood fantasy of being an actress, singer, dancer, and director of The Washington School Show – a local tradition of more than 70 years. She entertains herself with obscure DIY projects, attempting to write the next great American novel, and doing her part to re-build social capital by enticing her neighbors to participate in monthly bridge games with the promise of reasonably good wine and an assortment of unhealthy snacks.