Learning Labs are a unique and highly effective offering made possible by invaluable partnerships between Conscious Capitalism, Inc. and networked members of our global learning community.

Combining experiential and collaborative learning in peer-to-peer environments and interactive training settings, Learning Labs are designed to harness the experience and know-how of practicing Conscious Capitalists and share it with a wider community of practitioners. Most Learning Labs are one-day or multi-day, in-person gatherings bringing together a curated selection of Conscious Capitalists to learn and grow in community and practice.

Learning Lab Pilot: Barry Wehmiller Sight Visit.
May 2018, Phillips, WI.
Learning Lab Pilot: Student Outreach Mastermind.
July 2018, Washington, DC
Learning Lab Pilot: Center for Open Hiring at Greyston Bakery Sight Visit.
September 2018, Yonkers, NY.

"Kudos to the Conscious Capitalism team for putting on a phenomenal learning opportunity and inspirational experience with the Greyston Bakery Sight Visit last fall! The group size was perfect - we were small enough to have meaningful, intimate conversations, yet large enough to allow for diverse viewpoints and stimulating conversations. I was impressed by the range of backgrounds of my peers in the group and met wonderful people who are all aligned around Conscious Capitalism."

- Hope Kahan, Operations Director, Satori Capital

We are currently focused on the following initiatives:

Conscious Leadership

Conscious Leadership is at the heart of the practice of our philosophy. While all  four tenets of Conscious Capitalism are paramount to success; the conscious leader is often the driver of the effort, building a nourishing conscious culture, supporting the stakeholder ecosystem, and elevating the organization toward its higher purpose. Conscious Capitalism, Inc. is partnering with pioneers and practitioners in the fields of spirituality, medicine, leadership, organizational development and management to offer online courses, day-long workshops, an immersive learning exchanges to support our community of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in honing and elevating their practice. 

Investment and Corporate Finance

Conscious Capitalism is spreading to all parts of the world, but it’s been slow to catch on in investment and corporate finance. In an effort to infuse Conscious Capitalism principles into these fields, Conscious Capitalism, Inc. is working with trailblazers in these fields to bring awareness and conscious business practices to these industries most notably through our Mission Aligned Growth Summit mastermind learning community. 

Future Business Leaders

Conscious Capitalism, Inc. recognizes that young entrepreneurs are the lynchpin to sustainable Conscious Capitalism. Therefore, we work in partnership with organizations and companies seeking to teach and spread conscious business practices to young entrepreneurs to infuse a growth mindset and entrepreneurial attitude in future business leaders of our world. 

The 2019 Conscious Capitalism Annual Conference will offer Learning Labs that connect with the framework above on Entrepreneurship, Investment and Education.