As the CEO of Great Place to Work (GPTW), Michael Bush has over 30 years of data on the importance of trust and conscious capitalism at his fingertips. Michael is a serial entrepreneur with a history of investing, leading and growing education, sustainability and technology businesses. With several successful business ventures under his belt, Bush has continued his stellar record at Great Place to Work. GPTW helps organizations improve their business performance. As Bush passionately explained in one interview, “We are building a better society by helping organizations transform their workplaces for all.”

Bush was one of the speakers at the 2016 Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit, at which he said he changed GPTW’s mission to include “for all” at the end. This was done to refocus the company on its core values and take a second look at its data. For 20 years Great Place to Work has published their gold-standard list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For. But their latest research shows that what was good enough to be a “great” workplace 10 or 20 years ago is not good enough now. Even at the best workplaces, Bush saw that leaders can—and must—do better.

Bush and his team at GPTW found significant gaps between the experiences of executives and those on the front lines. Between full-time and part-time employees. Between men and women. Between whites and people of color. Bush realized: “That’s not good enough. If we’re going to call a company “great”, it’s got to be great for everybody. It’s got to be a Great Place to Work…For All.” As a result, GPTW re-examined its definition of a Great Workplace and a Best Workplace and decided to raise the bar.

Under Bush’s leadership and tapping insights from their data, GPTW built a new approach for Great Place to Work for All assessments, including a new leadership framework and retooling of its technology, surveys and company rankings to better evaluate and rank companies as a way to inspire and equip them towards being better – better for business, better for people and better for the world. Companies that are Certified with GPTW and go on to achieve the sought after rankings on their lists have up to 65% turnover lower than rivals and stock returns of three times the market average. This has resulted in many companies seeking Bush’s advice on how to get these kinds of results within their organization.

Today’s business climate is defined by speed, social technologies and people expecting “values” besides value. As a result, Bush helps leaders create an outstanding culture for everyone, no matter who they are or what they do for the organization. They must build a Great Place to Work For All. This is not just for social justice reasons, but for defining business success. On March 13, 2018, Michael Bush and his team from GPTW (who are also committed to creating their own FOR ALL workplace reflective of its teachings!), will publish a new book with Berrett-Koehler Publishers A Great Place to Work for All