Daniel Lubetzky, KIND Hero of Conscious Capitalism

Daniel Lubetzky is the Founder and CEO of KIND and he has one clear mission in mind: to “do the KIND thing for your body, your taste buds and your world™.” From the beginning, Lubetzky set out to create good food and to create social progress and build peace. Born in Mexico to a Holocaust survivor and a Mexican Jew, he grew up understanding the terrible power of conflicts. He also grew up learning the importance of commerce as a means to make the world a better place, working in various businesses and writing his master’s thesis on how trade and economics could mitigate the Arab-Israeli wars. In this, he is a conscious capitalist who thinks both about the social good and how companies can be peacebuilders.


Out of his studies came PeaceWorks, one of the first enterprises he launched, a company dedicated to “pursuing both peace and profit.” This company used collaboration between Israeli Jews, neighboring Arabs, Egyptians, and Turks, to create products from local ingredients to sell together. PeaceWorks would bind people together by profit and cooperation, eventually leading to a new organization that Lubetzky also launched, the OneVoice Movement- a nonprofit dedicated to getting key stakeholders of each warring society together to find an Arab-Israeli peace.


Later, Lubetzky would found KIND and would use the same principles of conscious capitalism in seeking profit and the value for all stakeholders. Towards this end, Lubetzky would also establish the KIND Foundation, which aims “ to foster communities that are healthier, more empathetic and embrace our shared humanity.” Among the KIND Foundation’s many initiatives are an annual $1 million award for 7 KIND people who are especially selfless towards others, and donations of $10,000 to causes that users vote on.


The KIND Foundation also built entrepreneurial programs. These included a partnership with Venture for America which helped young people find new ways to revitalize their local communities through business. For established businessmen and women, the KIND Foundation also hosted an educational Entrepreneurship Summit of 300 leaders who engage in workshops and lectures on how to lead well, build a purpose-based culture, and the importance of providing value to all stakeholders.


Lubetzky also delved into the importance of being active in politically, creating a Pop Your Bubble Facebook plug-in and website that connects Facebook users to pages, news, and views that are politically different from their own. Worrying about polarization and a lack of empathy across the political divide, Lubetzky decided to take action and build peace rather than just worry about his shareholders. Finally, he has donated $25 million to found another nonprofit, Feed the Truth, which will combat old regulations, bad science, a lack of transparency, and special interests in the food industry and government that stifle competition and healthy results for Americans.


In recognition of his vision and impact, Lubetzky was named among “America’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs,” one of TIME Magazine’s “25 Responsibility Pioneers,” and was named a Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship by President Obama and Secretary of Commerce Pritzker in 2015.