Daniel Lubetzky, the Founder and CEO of KIND, is committed to building bridges between people. This mission stems from his heritage as the son of a Holocaust survivor; from a young age, Daniel vowed to help prevent what happened to his dad from happening again to others.

Daniel was raised in Mexico City, and immigrated to the U.S. as a teen. At that point, his entrepreneurial tendencies had taken root; he was regularly performing magic shows and selling trinkets at local flea markets. In college, he wrote his thesis on the power of economic cooperation to shatter stereotypes and cement relations between neighbors in conflict regions. He later traveled to the Middle East to put this theory into practice; at that time, he created his first company, PeaceWorks. PeaceWorks initially produced a sundried tomato spread by sourcing tomatoes from Turkey, jars from Egypt, olive oil from Palestine, etc. The concept proved effective, as each group developed a vested interest in preserving peaceful relations. Its success prompted Daniel to spread it to other conflict regions around the world. The business, while modest, still exists today.

In the early 2000s, Daniel co-founded the OneVoice Movement – an international grassroots effort that amplifies the voices of moderate Israelis and Palestinians seeking to end the conflict. Shortly thereafter, he created KIND as a not-only-for-profit company, meaning it has always strived to balance commercial objectives with social ones. The company is focused on helping people do the KIND thing for their body, their taste buds and their world. Since its founding in 2004, Daniel has worked to introduce healthy and delicious snacks, while also sparking social progress through the company’s social mission.

Today, Daniel is focused on scaling that mission and deepening KIND’s impact. In October, The KIND Foundation, which is a separate philanthropic entity, announced its most ambitious commitment to date – a $20 million multi-year initiative called Empatico. Empatico is an online learning tool that will connect kids worldwide and help them explore their similarities and differences. By 2020, Empatico endeavors to reach more than one million kids in 25 countries. In Daniel’s words, “Our hope is that this tool expands boundaries of understanding for the next generation of leaders so that they are prepared to tackle the world’s problems together.”

The KIND Foundation runs a number of other programs related to elevating kindness and empathy in communities. One such program is KIND Causes, through which it distributes $10,000 monthly grants to socially-impactful causes. This past year, the Foundation introduced Pop Your Bubble, a social experiment that encouraged Facebook users to connect with those who were different than them – generationally, geographically, and in opinion.

Drawing on his experiences at KIND and more than two decades in the food industry, Daniel founded an independent organization called Feed the Truth in early 2017. Feed the Truth seeks to improve public health by making truth, transparency and integrity the foremost values in today’s food system.

In recognition of his vision and impact, Daniel has been named one of “America’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs,” one of TIME Magazine’s “25 Responsibility Pioneers,” and a Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship.