Conscious Capitalism is not just a theory. It is a way of doing business that is practiced and embodied by individuals. Some of those individuals are leading businesses that have a tremendous impact on the world, and through their lifetime of work, their tribulations, and their successes, model what it means to be a Conscious Capitalist.

Conscious Capitalism, Inc. is honored to recognize the following Heroes of Conscious Capitalism for striving to embody the tenets of Conscious Capitalism, including:

  • Driving a higher purpose in their organizations serve, align, and integrate the interests of all their company’s major stakeholders.
  • Recognizing and supporting the interdependencies that exist across all stakeholders, allowing them to discover and harvest synergies from situations that otherwise seem replete with trade-offs.
  • Endeavoring to create financial, intellectual, social, cultural, emotional, spiritual, physical and ecological wealth for all their stakeholders.
  • Working to create trusting, authentic, innovative and caring company cultures that make working there a source of both personal growth and professional fulfillment.

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