NYC Chapter

Elevating humanity through business

Morgan Brady


Morgan Brady is the co-Founder of BAX, a tech-enabled investment bank that helps startups to raise investment capital faster. She is also the former Program Director of The Community Company and the Young Entrepreneur Council. Morgan brings to us a wealth of experience in events programming and building business communities of purpose.

Francine Steadman


Francine Steadman is the founder of BuddhaBooth, a startup that designs and sells portable quiet spaces to enable mindfulness and meditation practices at busy workplaces. In addition, she is founder of the not-for-profit organization, Art and Soul New York, which provides a platform for individuals to heal by way of painting, drawing, writing, meditation, yoga, reiki, and other holistic healing modalities.

Mickey Feher


Mickey is a member of the Board of the Conscious Capitalism Chapter of New York City focusing on conscious leadership programs. His personal higher purpose is to cultivate purpose-driven leaders who will transform their workforce on an OnPurpose™ track. Mickey and his team at Purpose & Company offers organizational development programs that draw upon the latest neuro-scientific and sport/positive psychology discoveries as well as building on the latest research and thinking around leadership while also keeping a global perspective. Mickey’s clients include some the largest global companies as well as many purpose driven mid-size businesses. He is passionately engaged in a lifelong battle against isolationism, intolerance and hatred. As a consultant and coach he offers a rare mix of being a leadership expert who actually is an experienced business leader. A father of two he enjoys martial arts and meditation as two very important life tools.

Andrea Cotter


Andrea Cotter became interested in the Conscious Capitalism International movement in 2015. She is a resident of New York City and was delighted to discover a vibrant chapter right here in late 2017, and even more delighted to be asked to be on the Board of Directors in 2018. Andrea has high hopes that the movement will help to create a sea change in how capitalism thrives in the future with more conscious, respectful and sustaining practices that go beyond the business basics. It is the main emphasis of her business CultureTalk ( and of her leadership teaching at NYU’s School of Professional Studies, Division of Programs in Business. Andrea shares her NYC life with her husband, adult children and lots of extended family and friends. She speaks several languages, is an avid reader, a yoga and meditation practitioner, and an aficionado of world travel and all things gourmet.

Noel Boyland


Noel partners with several of the top scientists in the world including those at the Center for Advanced Hindsight and Ethical Systems to bring real science to bear on solving complex organizational challenges around employee health & well-being, charitable giving & prosocial spending, and ethical behavior.

Noel is the Co-Chair of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine’s Lifestyle Medicine in the Workplace committee.

Noel is on the Board of the Conscious Capitalism Chapter of New York City, whose purpose is to accelerate the realization of businesses’ full potential to create value for all stakeholders.

Danny Dworkin


Daniel Dworkin is a Principal at Kotter (a management consultancy) with over a decade of cross-industry experience helping people and organizations to achieve their full potential. His areas of expertise include organizational transformation, innovation, leadership development and acquisition integration. Daniel writes for The Harvard Business Review Blog Network, The Huffington Post, Forbes, and Chief Executive Magazine, among others. He is the former Co-Chair and a current member of the Board of the Conscious Capitalism Chapter of New York City, whose purpose is to help people live, play, and lead consciously.

JP Laqueur


JP Laqueur chairs the board of Conscious Capitalism NYC. Initially drawn to the movement in 2015, he believes passionately that free-market capitalism can be the planet’s greatest force for good – if it evolves consciously. The CC framework aligns with JP’s work at BrandFoundations a firm he co-founded to help mid-sized enterprises ($25-500M revenue, 100-1000+ employees) to unlock the value of their two biggest intangible assets: brand and culture. Sought out by private equity sponsors and purpose-driven CEOs – especially those who are rapidly pivoting, growing or transforming as a result of M&A – JP helps develop powerful brand stories that energize a company’s culture, create competitive separation, and enhance exit valuation. JP holds a BA in Political Science from Hobart College. He lives in Westchester with his wife and two teenage children and can is an avid skier, biker, and hiker.