Atlanta Co-Founders

Elevating humanity through business

Claudio Menegusso


Claudio has sixteen years of advisory experience in various industry sectors. He has actively driven end-to-end supply chain transformations involving sales, marketing, planning, logistics, procurement, and production areas.

As executive partner of the North America operations of a leading value chain management consulting company, he was responsible for account management, opportunity management for increased customer foot print as well as responsibility for engagement delivery and quality assurance. He also was Latin American business developer for a leading enterprise software company.

Claudio is also co-author of articles about APS project methodology which addresses the most common pitfalls, related to commonly used methodology and approach; value chain segmentation; and holistic approach to optimization.

Stacy Sutton


I am a Bleeding Heart Capitalist using my powers for good. Those powers include Leadership, Marketing, Digital, Operations and a Passion to Help Others. I’m particularly intrigued by spaces where capitalism intersects with doing good works. I add value to changemakers focusing on a triple bottom line (social, environmental and financial).

Monica Laub


I started my professional experience in Human Resources, but my curiosity and desire to explore the many existing opportunities and possibilities took me to the consulting industry.

As a consultant, I started working on different projects and markets, and this was even more stimulating because I was working with something I really enjoy and believe: communication with learning purposes that have the power to engage. This is what Bossa Learning Experiences is all about.

But I have other passions, and I am lucky to have the chance to work with them. At SEI we are partnering with companies that are changing their way of doing business by bringing sustainability to their decision-making process. Together, we are trying to find the balance between their interests and the interests of their stakeholders. Our belief is that sustainability starts with this balance, and that’s why we decided to specialize in stakeholder relationship management.

Claude Ouimet


Bio coming soon.

Jim Hartzfeld


Leveraging his 18+ years blazing new trails to sustainability with Ray Anderson and Interface, Jim is helping organizations build on their efforts in environmental sustainability to leverage human and green technologies to accelerate progress on business and societal goals.

Today, Jim consults independently with large and small businesses and advises organizations such as the United Nations Global Compact and the Corporate EcoForum.

Since 1994, Jim has developed proactive strategies based on the principles of sustainable development to uncover business efficiency and growth opportunities while addressing global challenges. Finding his place at this intersection of head and heart, design and purpose, Jim has championed sustainable enterprise as the right and smart thing to do through a wide range of internal Interface assignments (innovation, policy, and business development) external roles with organizations such as the US Green Building Council (two-term Chairman), the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, and the President’s Council on Sustainable Development.

For over 5 years, Jim lead Interface’s consulting arm, InterfaceRAISE, supporting over 40 Fortune 1000 scale companies on their own sustainability initiatives in sectors as diverse as retail, transportation, food and beverage, construction, and manufacturing. Jim has also served as a strategic adviser to Walmart with Ray Anderson in the formative years of its sustainability journey.

Formerly with Conoco Oil Company and DuPont, Jim holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Missouri and an MBA from the Goizueta Business School of Emory University. He currently serves on the Board of Georgia Interfaith Power & Light and the Board of Advisors of Greenspaces, a Special Economic Zone near New Delhi, India.

Chris Hooper


I believe that business is fundamentally good. Free-enterprise is good at creating value – societal, human and financial. As humanity evolves, business is evolving with it and the historically narrow focus on profits is being augmented by a broader focus on benefits for all stakeholders that interact with businesses. Capitalism is being re-defined as a force for good with an opportunity and a responsibility to improve the human condition. And by doing so, businesses can become more durable, more resilient with capital that extends beyond the balance sheet.

My personal purpose is to advocate for the positive evolution of capitalism. I offer a pragmatic perspective on the forces shaping new ways of doing business and how they are better for organizations and their stakeholders. I offer guidance to business leaders on strategies that will position them to benefit from this evolution and find competitive advantage.

My success is measured by enlightened business leaders who are prepared for a business future that will be markedly different from the past. And how they can enrich lives, including their own.

Carlos F. Bremer


Carlos Bremer is a Principal in the Advisory Services practice of Ernst & Young LLP. He has a PhD in Computer Integrated Manufacturing from the University of São Paulo, Brazil and a Pos Doc in Virtual Enterprises from the Technology University of Aachen, Germany. His research has been focused in an End-to-End approach of Supply Chain & Operations (Value Chain) as well as a Systems Thinking perspective to guide Enterprise Transformation.

Dr. Bremer has twenty five years of experience in the area of Supply Chain & Operations. He started his career in Germany working as a CAD/CAM programmer and after two years moved back to Brazil where he continued his career as a researcher and professor at the University of São Paulo, IBM Institute of Technology in Brazil and Technology University of Aachen in Germany. In the beginning of 2000 Dr. Bremer joined Deloitte Consulting where he led its Supply Chain practice. Two years later he founded his own consultancy business called Axia Value Chain which was sold to Ernst & Young in 2012.
In his career as a consultant Dr. Bremer would help organizations by, first, defining and clarifying their value proposition to different segments, and secondly, designing and implementing the end-to-end supply chain that would enable the delivery of the proposition. These projects became very important and successful Enterprise Transformation engagements. Most recently Dr. Bremer has joined the Conscious Capitalism movement contributing for a Purpose oriented Value Chain.